A Man Called Ove

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Seriously, this movie AND book is amazing. I found this book on Netgalley two years and decided to take a chance on it. So glad I did because it is one of my favorites of all time! I just wanted to dedicate a post to this gem. You need to read this book then watch the movie. It is foreign, so you have to read subtitles. It really doesn’t take anything away from the movie though. It’s fantastic.

I work at a library and suggested it to our branch librarian to use for her book club. She ordered more copies and she and the book club loved it. This book came out over TWO years ago and it still has a hold list. This means there are a lot of people waiting on a copy of this book to read. It’s a pretty big accomplishment!


Reviews of past

I have A LOT of book reviews on my blogger.com account. I’m so sad that I had to make the switch but I will post my link here and make a widget at some point. This way they are easily accessible, if you are curious about any of the other books I’ve read. I’m going to try to find a good way to incorporate my old reviews. I’ll figure something out 🙂


 ⇑ This was my past blog. I have over 300 reviews on there!

Making the Switch


I have no idea how to use WordPress but I’m going to start learning today! I have been with blogger.com for years. They have just let me down so much and I had to make the transition. I can’t even use their app anymore! So, that’s quite frustrating. I will update this with the links to my past blog, just in case you want to see what I’m about.


I’m pretty sad because I’ve got some followers and I’m basically starting all over. So, I hope that I can get the hang of this and it’s easier to use than Blogger! 🙂