Myths of Mish by Katie Hamstead


3 starsI want to thank Katie Hamstead for reaching out and providing me an e-arc copy of this book.

This is a loosely related story to Hansel and Gretel. Actually, it’s more of what happens to them after the whole breadcrumbs and witch story. It’s also in space, which is cool. Unfortunately, I did not like this one as much as the first book.

I could not stand Hansel. He was really just a jerk for most of the book. He was legit rude and obnoxious throughout most of the story. THEN he suddenly stops being so rude and I’m supposed to just love his character? I couldn’t. At this point, I just could not get over how he treated his sister and Minna.

I understand that this was supposed to be a fresh take on the romance not being an “insta” love. I just don’t know that I can get behind how he treated her and then fell in love with her. It was juts a bit too much of a stretch for me.

I did like Minna and Gretel, but mostly Minna. She was really not going to take any crap but her only flaw was letting Hansel be a jerk. Haha. I mean, she did okay standing up for herself but I don’t know how she loved him the whole time. Maybe it’s the whole changing a bad guy complex, who knows.

The plot was really predictable for me, almost too much. I did like it but I just loved the first book so much more. The first half of the book was really rough to get through but it picked up for me the last half. It’s a light read and quick read.


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