The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer



Okay, I’m going to start off by stating: This book is intended for a children. If you are over 12, take off your adult glasses. I enjoyed this and I would definitely recommend it for kids!

Chris Colfer, better known from his role on Glee, is the author. It was my initial reasoning for reading this. Plus, fairy tales?! Who doesn’t love ANY type of book about ANY aspect of fairy tales. I sure do.

This is a story about twins, Alex and Connor. There is family cherished book having mysterious powers, allowing them to travel to another world. They come face to face with the fairy tale characters they loved growing up.

This was a lot of fun for me. It’s quick and I loved how many different fairy tales that were included in this book.  His writing style was very descriptive and made the characters jump to life. Not to mention, it was actually quite entertaining! Alex and Connor are twins but they are pretty much the opposite of each other. It was great to see how they grew and came together to get through their obstacles. There’s also several life lessons that were in this story that were subtle but really relevant to today’s world.

I think children would really love escaping to this world! It’s not the best book I’ve ever read, sure. It’s light and fast paced and takes you to another world. If you are looking for something like that, it’s for you or your kids!

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