#BookHaul Half Price Books Sale!!

Okay, does anyone else love Half Price Books?? I always love when they have sales! Especially, when you get days of 40-50% off, EVEN new books! Score! I make plans and have a system. The M&T are 20% off one item, W&TH are 30% off one item, F&SAT are 40% off one item and Sunday is 50% off one item.  Don’t forget that if you have more than one HPB in your city, you can hit up any and all, once a day!

What I normally do is start with the cheapest books at the beginning of the week, duh! For example, a lot of the used paperback books are 4.99-5.99. So, if I need or want to read any of those, I use my 20% off then. The 30% off I use for the same.

Now, if there are used hardcover books that I need/want, I use the 40% off for those. I normally, try to hit up two of my HPB stores on the higher percentage days. I have two within 15 minutes of each other, I’m lucky. 

On Sunday, my husband will come with me, so he can also use a coupon for me. Sometimes he gets books/puzzles or whatever. Right now, he’s doing a lot of studying, so reading has been put to the side for a few years. We are close to being done though! Anyways, this past Sunday, my husband and I hit up THREE HPB locations! One, we had never been to. I have the paper coupon to prove it.. 🙂   

Haha- Is it wrong that I think of this as a badge of honor?! I’m  totally keeping this coupon! I love it because my husband is so awesome that he was willing to drive around the city for/with me. He’s really the best! 

Below, are the books that I got throughout the week. Minus one- I forgot to add, Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. 

I am really excited for these! Some are books that I needed to finish up a series I already have/or read and loved. EX: Winter, Unite Me & The Ruby Circle, Clockwork Princess (missing from photo) and Lord of Shadows, Beartown, Wonder Woman & Cruel Prince.

Ones that I haven’t read yet but needed to add to my series that I have.. only Fallen 4. Has anyone read this? I recently gathered the other two books I needed to have the whole series.

Restore Me, Thunderhead and Children of Blood and Bone are the ones that I haven’t read and I am so excited to read!! I’m starting Children of Blood and Bone now…

Have you read any of these? Any of them on your TBR list? Let me know!!

2 thoughts on “#BookHaul Half Price Books Sale!!

    • Thanks!! Haha, I know, the only thing is that sometimes books will be gone later.. Oh well. There’s always another sale. I’m all about the bargains! 🙂 I’m almost half way through COBAB right now and it’s so good. I am going to read Restore me next! Let me know if you like them!! 🙂

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