Review: Obsidio by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Obsidio (The Illuminae Files, #3)7f476-5starairportcars

4.5 stars

This was a great ending to the trilogy. I’m having a hard time even coming up with a review because my thoughts are just all over the place. Here goes..

This is a great series and there’s a reason why it’s so popular. I’m so sad that it is over. I was reading this book so fast that I realized I had about 100 pages left and wanted to stop. I didn’t want to finish.

The characters in this book are amazing. The way that they have developed and grown throughout the series is pretty special. They do not disappoint in this book.

Kady Grant is just as determined and has been through so much. Even so, she definitely doesn’t give up and I honestly don’t know how she does it. There’s a point in this book when you will think… Noooo… but it’s totally in her character! One of the best really. I still totally love her and Ezra. 

I really liked Nik and Hanna in this book too. They stepped up and really grew as people. Plus, Nik’s sarcasm makes for some tension breaking moments. He had great banter with several of the characters and it really helps that you can laugh. I love how these two didn’t just do the insta-all-consuming-you-are-my-everything thing. It took time and it was really great the way the authors handled it. 

Asha and Rhys, while I really liked their characters, I didn’t feel like we really got to know them. I feel like you could make a whole book just about them and the world they are living on. There’s so much there that got introduced and I would have liked more. I think that’s my only issue with the book. 

Ella reminds me so much of Lisbeth Salander from the Millennium series? Anyone? Especially, when they call her the spider hacker. Her vibe and awesome hacking skills just really reminded me of Lisbeth, whom I loved. So of course, I loved Ella too! 

Aiden… Oh Aiden… There’s a lot of change with Aiden but at the same time, not really. It’s really hard to explain and I don’t really want to ruin anything. I started to really feel for him though. 

There are also a lot of great supporting characters in this book! Finally, some adults that are helping out and looking after these kids! I really loved this series and this final book was a great ending.  There’s lots of action and interesting plot twists. It’s a really fast read too. I still think  one of the things that I love about this series is all the artistry. It’s quite beautiful and different.  This is one series that I know I will re-read! 



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