Review: Tempests & Slaughter by Tamora Pierce

Tempests and Slaughter (The Numair Chronicles, #1)

gold star

I’m probably in the unpopular opinion on this book. It was just okay but I DNF. I got about 300 pages in and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I felt like the story was just going nowhere.

First of all, I feel like this was more a middle grade book than YA. This is my first Pierce book. I’m not sure if it’s her writing style or what but a lot of the content just really felt middle grade to me.

The writing was so slow and it was hard for me to get through this. This writing style is just not for me. There were times that I would be interested and then times that this story would just drag on. There was so much potential for this book but unfortunately, it fell really flat for me. The whole time, I kept hoping that something was going to happen. Nope, nothing really ever happens. This book is solely information and set up for future books.

I did like some of the characters but I had a really hard time ever getting connected to them. At about 200 pages, I was just trying to get through it. I felt like there had to be something amazing coming up, since so many people are talking about this book. The main character, Arram was just not very personable. He didn’t have much of a personality for me to connect to. I think I was most interested in Ozorne’s character, just because there is some mystery about his character. He’s really sweet but has a tinge of darkness to his personality. Although, that was not explored too much in this book. I’m sure it will be, in following books.

The worst part is that the whole entire time, I kept thinking and comparing it to Harry Potter. Once that popped into my head, I couldn’t stop thinking it.

I don’t think I will picking up the other books in this series. Maybe, Pierce’s writing is just not for me. If I would have read some of the other books in this similar world, maybe I would have liked this more.

Sometimes, I have a problem with DNF books. I’m doing A lot of reading now and my husband reminded me that I don’t have time for that! I gave it a real go, it far surpassed my 50-100 page test.


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