Top FIVE Tuesday: Characters I like from disliked books.

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week’s theme is Top FIVE Books: Characters I liked That Were In Non-Favorite/Disliked Books


Okay, this was extremely hard. If I didn’t like books it’s mainly because I didn’t like or connect to the characters. So, this was very difficult. Not a top ten but I got as many as I could. I had to dig deep for this one.

Here are they are:
Taking Chances (Taking Chances, #1)


I am and will be team Chase! I disliked this book and mostly because of the direction the author went. I remember loving Chase though.
Tempests and Slaughter (The Numair Chronicles, #1)

Yup. I’m in the minority here, I think. I really disliked this book. I made it to page 300 and had to stop. I DNF. Although, I didn’t like it. I still really liked Musenda, the Gladiator. I’m not sure how it plays out but I loved him from what I read.
True Letters from a Fictional Life

Hawken was definitely my favorite. He’s the main characters best friend.



The Girl on the Train

I really hated this book. So many people loved it and I just didn’t. I think the best character in this book is actually, Anna. She puts up with so much crap and then really comes through in the end.

Everless (Everless, #1)

I was so disappointed by this book. I felt so bad for her father. He was so kind and trying to protect her but she thought she knew better. He deserved so much better.


This was a tough week!! What made your list?!


31 thoughts on “Top FIVE Tuesday: Characters I like from disliked books.

    • Rachel drove me crazy! I really don’t understand why people loved this book so much. I guess, not every book is for everyone. I did watch the movie because my husband wanted to see it. It was a bit better but only because I love Emily Blunt.


    • Yeah, that’s why I read it and I regret that decision! Everyone was recommending it to us at the Library. We try to read bestsellers, so we have books to recommend to patrons. A few of my co-workers and I decided to read it and none of us liked it! I really disliked the main character. She drove me crazy! She makes several horrible decisions and it gets quite frustrating.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  1. Huh, this is such an intriguing blog topic! I’ve never thought of thinking about a book’s characters separate from its overall content. Would you recommend True Letters from a Fictional Life for the characters, despite disliking it overall? I’ve been meaning to read it for a while now and have heard mixed things.

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    • If you haven’t read, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, I would say yes. I kept comparing it because it’s so similar and I prefer TATBILB. It’s been a couple years since I’ve read True Letters. I can’t remember too much, to be honest. We did a Mock Printz run at work and the reviews were split.

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    • There’s a lot of mixed opinions.. maybe wait a little longer and see how more reviews shake out. I didn’t like it. I’ve seen some comment today that they did. Definitely, keep it low on the TBR for now 😊

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