Review: To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

To Kill a Kingdom


When I heard that this was a retelling of, The Little Mermaid, I had to have it. I actually got it from the Library. I also read another retelling Sea Witch by Sarah Henning <– review, which I loved. It was more about Ursula though.  So, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this one. There are some real similarities to TLM but it’s a bit of a different take. This princess wants to kill her prince!  I was pleasantly surprised by this book!

It’s dark, brutal and yet has a lot of humor. Lira is a siren princess, daughter of the Sea Queen. She’s known as Princes’ Bane because of all the princes, whose hearts she’s ripped from their chests. One day, she disobeys her mother and she is punished by being turned into a human. She is picked up by Elian and his ship. Elian is a prince, who would rather be a pirate. His main goal is to kill all the sirens to make the world a safer place. These two have to work together, both trying to kill each other. Although, Elian has no idea who Lira really is.

I loved the witty banter between Lira and Elian!! It was just so much fun and made me love both of these characters. Their love is a slow burn and not an “insta-love,” which I adored. This book is not heavy on the romance.

I really liked Lira. She was dark and brutal at the beginning of the story. As she’s spending more time with the humans, she’s finding her humanity that’s still there. She starts to realize that she wasn’t born straight up evil, she was made that way, by her mother. She starts to see how her mother is not good for the world or the sirens. She really does a lot of growing, yet she’s still not your typical princess. Her banter with all the humans, not just Elian was just so funny. It added a much-needed lightness to this dark fantasy!

Elian was just awesome! He’s cocky and knows what he wants. I was really impressed how he was able to work people, to get what he wants. Yet, making them think it’s what they wanted. I loved his relationship with his crew too. Although, some of my favorite times would be his one-liners to Lira.

This is a shorter book and a relatively fast read. I had a lot going on, so it took me a while to get through. One thing I didn’t like was how she ended this book. First of all, I had like 70 pages left and was wondering how she was going to wrap this up. It was a really quick wrap up, really. I would have liked more of a developed ending.

Overall, this is a great book. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters. I might be biased though, I love anything with mermaids/sirens! haha. Seriously though, the characters alone are a great reason to read this book!



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