Review: Geekerella by Ashley Poston



I loved this book SO much!! I wanted to read this based on a bunch of booktubers recommendations. It’s got a lot of elements from Cinderella. The Magic pumpkin might be one of my favorite things! Haha. Okay, not really but it comes close.

I loved the characters so much, besides most of the adults. Oh, how the my heart just hurt for Elle. She’s trying so hard to live this life that she’s not welcome in. Her stepmother and step sisters are awful to her. She’s basically like a modern-day Cinderella. Her escape is the fandom of Starfield and her blog. It’s something that she had in common with her mother and father. One day, she gets a call from an unknown number and things start to get interesting for Elle.

I have to say that my absolute favorite character in this book is Sage. She was so much fun with her don’t care attitude. She does so much for Elle and it made me so happy! It literally brings a smile to my face. I think that her snarky attitude really does help Elle come out of her shell a bit. I devoured this book. It was just so tense at times and I just had to know what would happen. If you know the story of Cinderella, you know what’s coming. It had me so nervous because I knew what to expect. This book is really predictable but that’s because I know the story so well. It didn’t really take too much away from me though.

I really liked the whole Elle and Darien relationship, besides the fact, it turns to love rather quickly. I’m not surprised though, it is YA. I loved getting the two POV’s between Elle and Darien. We get to see how he’s struggling between what people want him to be and who he wants to be. How people judge him based on his actor persona and no one really knows him. You shouldn’t judge someone by their cover. This is something that Elle really learns and I hope the people who read this book do too.

I loved all the “geeky-ness” to this book. It just made it so fun and adorable! I wish so many more people would see how fun it is to be a geek! Who cares if you stand out? Who cares what other people thing, if you are having fun! There is nothing wrong with being a geek, nerd, weird, different or whatever.

This is just a really cute romance and I enjoyed this book immensely!! It’s sweet and adorable 🙂

e-ARC provided by Quirk Books/ Random House via Netgalley/Edelweiss + for an honest review.


11 thoughts on “Review: Geekerella by Ashley Poston

    • That’s totally okay! Everyone has their own opinions. 😊 I think that books hit us differently, at different times in our lives too! So, I might not have liked this a couple years ago. I never read contemporary, ever! Now, I’ve been reading sooo many! Lol

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