***SPOILERS*** Avengers: Infinity War~ A rant.

Okay, I just want to take a moment to say: SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS!!!!

If you have not seen the new, Avengers: Infinity War movie, please do not read. I will not be responsible for any spoilers you may read. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! This is just kind of a big rant. How I am mourning the loss of my favorite character.

Now, I just need to take a minute, to talk about my love for this franchise. My husband has always been a fan. We have this kind of pact. If there’s a movie I/he doesn’t want to see, then the other person gets to pick the next movie. For the first few movies, these were his movies and not mine. Then, Thor came about and it quickly became OUR movies. Oh, how I loved Thor and mostly, LOKI! I am a huge Loki fan. He has been one of my favorite characters.

The God of mischief, has been so much fun. I’ve been constantly rooting for him and saying, he will change, he will do right, he will make the good choice and he will choose his brother over himself. He’s just felt unloved, it’s his driving force. I’ve been saying he would do the right thing, since day one! He’s definitely made me sweat it out but I always believed. Then Thor 3 came out and you get to see how much he has grown as a character. I loved when he shows up to save the day and then takes all the glory. Yet, he’s still true to his mischievous nature. Telling the rebellion that they need a leader. True Loki form, wanting to rule and be in control. Yet, he does show up and he fights alongside his brother. It made me so happy!

So, Loki has been my favorite but then I cannot choose who is my second favorite. I love ALL of these characters. From Iron Man to Black Panther. I LOVED Black Panther’s standalone movie too. They have all wormed their ways into my heart and I cannot imagine losing any of them. I say, Thor is my second favorite! Then I remember that I also love Black Panther. Then as soon as I declare he is, I remember that I love Peter/Spiderman. On and on it goes… so you see.. I just love them all.

My husband and I both knew to go in expecting deaths. There’s no way, they all get out of this. I was so nervous and I felt like I was going to throw up as the movie started.

Five minutes in and BANG! First, it’s Heimdall! Then…  I’m completely devastated. NOT. MY. LOKI. (insert 50 crying emojis here) I couldn’t believe it. Somehow, I’m hoping that there’s a way he isn’t dead but deep down, I know. It was an amazing end to his story arc. He definitely goes out noble and on a high. It’s what Loki deserves BUT couldn’t they have waited like an hour or so?! Was it so hard to give me some more of Loki in this super long movie? Ugh. It made me just want to walk out.

I also want to mention that another heart shattering moment is when Thanos is getting the soul stone. Gamora 😦 Ugh. it was just so sad. I knew it was coming but it didn’t make it hurt any less. The intensity was off the charts.

The movie was really good. They did a great job with all the characters. There’s all these groups but somehow working together. It was done really well. This was the most intense movie I’ve ever been a part of. I think it’s because there’s 10 years of these characters and you are just terrified of who you will lose. There’s some really heartbreaking moments but they did an amazing job with the comedy relief. It was much needed and came in subtle ways that didn’t take away from the intense moments. I can’t wait for the next installment. I’m sure it will be another intense ride because I know that not all these characters will make it out.  One last thing, WAKANDA FOREVER!

R.I.P Loki, The God of Mischief 

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8 thoughts on “***SPOILERS*** Avengers: Infinity War~ A rant.

    • Oh yeah, the ones that “evaporated” are definitely coming back! As sad as it was, I’m not completely devastated because I believe they will! I know that Loki won’t be though or anyone who was killed by Thanks before then 😭


  1. I’ve done my research (because I’m geeky and pissed off and a pissed off geek can be powerful) so I know some stuff that reassures me for the next installment but OH MY GOOD GOD NO! I literally just watched it this morning and I have been in bed crying all day (literally, I’m not even joking about this) because i walked in with the knowledge that Marvel said that there were two confirmed deaths in this movie (pure LIES!). Knowing that, I had thought things through before hand and said to myself, “So long as they don’t touch my Loki or my Vision then I am alright.” What did they do? Boom, right out of the gate (*tear* insert Heimdall’s death, the gatekeeper of Asgard) they take my Loki!!! I can’t stress enough how much I bawled out loud, for all to see because that was one of my boys I said not to touch and they took him so damn quickly! Then they almost took Vision away from me twice but I was okay, anxious, but ok because he was still safe with Wanda. BUT THEN, they did actually take him away from me…TWICE IN A ROW. First Wanda has to sacrifice him then Thanos turns back time only to kill him again! What the hell Marvel!?!? I asked for two things from you and you just said nope, let’s torture the fans because why not? Then my heart was ripped out moments after it was shattered apart by Vision’s death when suddenly T’challa was ripped away as well, AND Peter (MY BABY BOY)! I am hurt, furious, shattered, enraged! I thought I knew loss, I thought I was prepared and then Marvel stabbed me in the back and said, nope you know nothing! Great movie, I’m still in so much pain, but I’m siked for the sequel as well as “Antman and the Wasp” and “Captain Marvel” which both come out before next year’s Avengers movie (which BTW, both of those movies are going to help with the issue of getting our “dead” friends back for the second part of Infinity War…just saying).

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    • I LOVE THIS! Yes, I agree so much. I didn’t think they would take Loki, especially not so soon! He’s so much comedic gold and I wanted to see him do something much more amazing. I was so sad. My husband thought it would be Captain America.I told him that it was too obvious with the scene they released (him fighting Thanos is from a comic book where Thanos kills him). I told him it was too obvious. How on earth, did I not think it would be Loki!? I should have known! Ugh. Yes, the fact that Wanda had to kill him was HEARTBREAKING! I was in so much anguish. I am pretty much not concerned about anyone after Vision. Everyone that was “vaporized” basically will be back. First of all, they all have movies coming out AFTER the next Avengers movie. Plus, I know that they will be needed to finally take down Thanos. I will say, it was very hard to watch. Especially, Peter and Stark. Ugh. This movie was insanely intense. Yes! Did you stay for the end credits scene!?!?! He’s calling Captain Marvel! I can’t WAIT for her. Another, awesome female character, who is supposed to be the most powerful one of all! I’m psyched.

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      • I did see the end scene and I’m siked as well! I’ve been following the production of Captain Marvel’s upcoming movie for some time now, though I do have concerns about casting. I’ve read every Marvel comic and so these characters are a part of me and so close to my heart. I really really really hope that Brie Larson does well with her character because I can’t take anymore casting disappointments. If you’re a DC fan as well (though I am 100% a Marvel girl, I still follow DC) I felt that Gal Gadot was a really poor choice for one of the greatest female super heroes of all time! I hope Marvel doesn’t do something similar with this casting but I am excited nonetheless, especially since Captain Marvel is supposed to reveal some interesting ties to Thanos for the next Avengers when we get our disappeared friends back (especially Peter and T’challa)!

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        • I’m also nervous about Brie Larson and really hope she can live up to it. I don’t think I’ve ever read a comic, so I understand how you are really tied to all the characters. I think Marvel has done an amazing job so far, so they must see something we don’t! Now, I loved Gal Gadot as WW! I’m actually quite obsessed with that movie. LOL! It started my WW obsession. I never watched the original though, so I didn’t really have anything to compare. Again, never read the comics either, but I loved her. I’m REALLY hoping that DC can get their stuff together for these other movies though! Justice League was just okay but I’m really excited for Aquaman’s movie!!

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          • Yasssss! Now Aquaman I can agree on! I thought Jason Momoa’s performance was absolutely phenomenal and I am dying for his movie to come out! I honestly believe that DC should take some notes and watch a Marvel movie because Marvel knows how to get it done! Marvel blends natural comedy into serious situations flawlessly because, honestly, if there wasn’t comedy it would all be WAY too dark…kind of like DC movies. I just think that DC tries to make themselves way too seriousness and the few comedic parts that are present are somewhat last minute add ins. There’s nothing wrong with comedy, it’s not like it’ll distract from the tone and emotion of the movie.Obviously I am super depressed and still tearing up about Infinity War but I didn’t walk out of there wanting to end myself because there was enough comedy in there that I thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie, even though there was so much seriousness in it. It’s just a matter of finding balance to create a great movie and that is a skill that I feel like DC should be taking lessons from Marvel for, at least from the recent films that have come out.

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          • I know!!! I was so excited about Jason Momoa from the start. I loved him I’m Game of Thrones! I can’t wait for his movie!! Plus, I am obsessed with, The Little Mermaid and all things Mermaid/siren/Sea life. So… I’m really intrigued by his character! RIGHT?! How hard is to to watch a couple Marvel movies and see how it’s done! Obviously, it’s working for them. The DC movies are so dark and when they add some humor it’s a bit stiff and out of place. If it weren’t for the way that Marvel used comedy to break up the intensity, I would have been so much more depressed at the end! I think that Batman vs. Superman was one of the worst movies I had to watch! I don’t like Henry Cavill, so far. He’s got like no personality! I think we some hint of it in, Justice League. So, maybe it will be better in the future? Idk. I think Justice League was a good step towards making it less dark and depressing. I liked it more than BVS but it was a low bar. Lol.

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