Review: The Fire Queen by Emily R. King

The Fire Queen (The Hundredth Queen, #2)

3 stars

This book was an improvement to the first book. There was a lot more substance and it was more about the plot than the love interest.

I got to learn a lot more about the magic system and see Kalinda actually learn how to use her magic. We get a lot more of Kalinda fighting for her empire and putting love on the backseat, which is refreshing. I ended up liking her a lot more in this book and the side characters. I got sucked into the story and I can’t wait to continue the series, to see what happens next.

I did have some issues. My biggest issue was the whole tournament. This is her second one and I just kept thinking “hunger games, hunger games,” over and over. It did add a lot of drama and this one was much better than the first but it seems like it’s overused! It was more about their tests and trials than just killing each other in a bloody battle, unlike the first book. I liked the addition of all the girls who tried out and learning more about all the different types of magic.

Now, I still did not like the duo POV in this book. I just have to come out and say that I don’t really like Deven, at all. I just don’t think he’s a great love interest and he’s pretty boring. I don’t know why, I just can’t get attached to his character, at all. I feel like his only role in this story is to worry about Kalinda and what she’s doing, who she is with, and how much she loves/doesn’t love him. Come on, you are supposed to be this big bad captain! Get over it. Sigh.

Overall, I liked this a lot more than the first book. I will be continuing this story but I’m still a little disappointed in it. I hope that this continues and each book is better and better.


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