Review: All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire

All the Little Lights

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Okay, I think this is a break up with Jamie McGuire and I. I loved her first couple of books but I just can’t anymore. She also has this obsession with guys and their anger problems. This book was just all over the place. I wasn’t quite sure what it was trying to be. A contemporary romance? Romance? Mystery? I’m still not even sure.

Now that I know the ending, it had SO much potential. It could have shined a bigger light on mental illness (I wont say because of spoilers). Unfortunately, I had such a hard time getting through this book. It was really long and it didn’t need to be. This book is definitely a YA, which could be part of the problem. I’m not used to that from McGuire.

I had to get about 60% of the way through this book before I was interested. It was such an agonizing process. I’m a fast reader and this book has caused me to have a major slump. Ugh.

Anyways, the first part of this book is about these teens, who are neighbors but the boy is only there in the summer. They meet, fall in love and he has to leave. He then comes back and all this chaos has happened while he was gone. Now, I get that there is a twist and I didn’t really see it until the end but that was part of my problem. I really wish that I would have been let in on what was really going on before I hit 90% of the book. I think it would have been a bigger impact than having her say over and over, “I can’t. It’s a secret.” I just got tired of being dragged along.

The love between Catherine and Elliott was just ehh, and I didn’t really connect to them. I found myself having to skip over so much of the love stuff. It was just too corny and I couldn’t take it after I hit 30% of the book. There was so much redundancy too. I don’t know how many times she had to bring up that Catherine was quiet and weird. Elliott is the high school football quarterback and his devotion for Catherine is more than breathing and food? I find that a LITTLE hard to believe.

The story was just so slow and it felt like McGuire was trying to acheive way too much with this one.

I was really disappointed in this book and I’m sad about that. I’m sure I’ll be in the unpopular opinion but that’s okay. Not every book is for everyone.

I want to thank the publisher, Montlake Romance and Netgalley, for providing me with a copy of this eARC for review!


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