Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris

Bring Me Back

3 stars

First, I want to thank St. Martin’s Press for sending this ARC to me. I’m sorry it took so long for me to get to, it’s been a rough two months.

I’ve actually seen this book around a lot. I have never read a book by B.A. Paris. I should have probably read a different one first.

This book started off SO strong. I was hooked and just had to know what happened next. Unfortunately, that didn’t last the whole book.This is a decently short book, coming in under 300 pages. Part One, of this book is so strong and I was loving where it was going. Then… not so much. Part Two, was still interesting but it was starting to lose me. Part Three was just awful. I knew exactly what was happening and the twist was just disappointing and really weird.

The characters were just so bland. She didn’t spend much time on their development and they were just not likable. We really don’t get to know much about them. This is all plot driven and I think it hurts the book overall. I like to get to know my characters and see some type of development. I want to connect and I did not.

Even though, it was mostly a page turner, I was just left feeling “it’s okay.” I really enjoyed the “letter” style when she was explaining the past or filling in the present. It was a great way for it to distinguish between the past and present. She has a great writing style and really kept me sucked into this story. I still kept turning the pages, even when I was not liking what was happening.

This book had so much potential, and I’m sad that I didn’t see what others did in this book. It was okay, just not great. I didn’t buy the ending and that also left me feeling disappointed.

I would like to try another of her books because she does have a big fan following. It has to be for a reason right?!




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