One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake

One Dark Throne (Three Dark Crowns, #2)


I did it! I read the second book and I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard that this one was better but my expectations were really low.

I kind of felt like this book was on a different level than the first. Maybe the author just felt more comfortable but it was much improved.

I FINALLY connected to the characters. They all had so much more personality in this book. In the first book, it was like they were a shell of a person. In this book, they are so much more developed and all have their separate opinions and thoughts. Jules is still my favorite character, by far. She’s just so awesome and I feel for her so much. I’mΒ  still convinced that she’s going to be way more important than anyone else.

I also really liked Arsinoe in this book. She is so strong and fierce. She doesn’t have any expectations of living and will totally sacrifice herself. She will do anything for the ones she loves. She keeps being underestimated but I think she’s really one of the stronger queens.

Biiilllyyy!!! Oh my gosh. Guys, I love him so much and I’m terrified about what his future is going to be. I hope it’s amazing but I just don’t know. He’s such a sweet, good, caring guy!

I am so fascinated by Katherine. I really want to know more about what exactly is going on with her. She was just so creepy and dark in this book. I still can’t hate her though. There is so much there and this girl has been through so much. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The plot actually flowed much better in this one. There is so much going on from the very beginning. We start off running and it doesn’t let up until you are finished with the book. It’s a good-sized book and I read it in one sitting. Unlike the first book, I was not bored at all. I just had to know what was happening next.

I still hate the Jules/Joseph/Mila love triangle. I feel like it was just so necessary and still annoys me. I just don’t really like Joseph either. I can’t forgive and forget.

Overall, this was a much improved book to the first. I know that a lot of people are on the fence with this one. I was too. I don’t regret suffering through the first book because the second book was worth it.Β  I know that the third book comes out soon. Maybe wait and see how that fares before starting this series? I’m actually kind of worried about it but I’m in it now.Β  I am really curious to see where all these characters end up and how things turn out. I do not like that there are 4 books! Ah!



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