Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

Godsgrave (The Nevernight Chronicle, #2)


If the first book had my emotions a mess, this one definitely does. Wow. Guys, these books are SO good. I did this one as a buddy read, like Nevernight, with Sara@ The Bibliophagist! I liked her review to Godsgrave! 

Warning, this will be another hot mess of a review. I could take a month to write this and it would still be a mess. Let me wrap this up in a few words: I LOVED THIS! 

This book is a little different from the first book. I thought the plot was much faster, darker and there’s a lot more brutality! Seriously, this is not the book for the squeamish. Usually, that’s me but it’s just too good for me to not read it. Like the first we do get some past and present in the plot. This time though, it’s a bit more about information, than making it symmetrical with something going on in the present. 

Mia is now a Blade. Although, she ends up a slave at a gladiatorial collegium, and works at a becoming one of the best fighters. She wants to enter the Games and win. This is her ultimate goal for revenge. Along the way, she ends up learning more about herself and making new friends. Even if she keeps telling herself not to, she just can’t help it. I know she’s the ultimate badass but deep down, she has a big heart.  

We get a whole new part of the world and we get a lot more characters. I really loved so many of them! Obviously, this book is the type of book where bad things happen and people die. There are some that really just broke my heart! 

There are A LOT of twists and turns in this books. It’s a big book and I never felt bored and I had a hard time putting my book down everyday (buddy read). I’m not kidding there are a lot of things that I did not see coming. I was really shocked by the ending. WHAT JUST HAPPENED. 

I still really dislike the footnotes. This book had some extremely long ones that were just not really that relevant. I ended up skipping a lot of them. I just find them so annoying and they really stop my momentum and pull me out of the plot. Some of them were funny but most of them are not worth it. I don’t know why so many people love them, I just don’t. 

I still wish that we learned more about the Darkin. I still have so many questions and none have been answered. I am a bit disappointed that yet again, we have learned nothing about it. 

The most upsetting part, is learning that the last book has been postponed until NEXT September. What will I do with myself?! 

Anyways, I really love this series and I think that Kristoff might be one of my new favorite authors. I highly recommend this series but I would wait until NEXT August-ish. This way, you don’t have this horrible over a year wait for the final book! 



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