Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Vicious (Villains, #1)



Well, I’m definitely a fan of V.E. Schwab now. I just really love her writing style. I had no expectations and I had no idea what this was about. I think because I didn’t have any expectatins, I loved it so much more!

Victor and Eli are roommates in college. They find that they have a shared interest in Extra-Ordinaries, people with abilities. Until one day, they push the boundaries between right and wrong and life and death. They wanted to know how to create them. In the end, it makes them enemies.

Ten years later, Victor is released from jail. I’m not going to spoil why! He then learns that Eli is being called a hero. He’s out for revenge but then his focus starts to change when he realizes that Eli might be the villain and not a hero.

I really enjoyed this one. I loved the supporting characters that were introduced throughout the story too. I freaking loved Sydney. She’s only 12 but so much more mature. She has been dealt a crappy hand. She meshed so well with Victor and Mitch. Speaking of Mitch, he might have been my favorite. He really reminds me of a gentle giant. He met Victor in prison and he’s an expert in hacking. I love the relationship that he and Sydney have.

One of my favorite things about all the characters is that there is so much gray area. No one is all good but yet no one is all bad. The lines between good and evil are so blurred. They are making these decisions and not all of them are good. Yet, most of them seem necessary. You don’t really get a clear picture of whether there are heroes or villains in this story.

Schwab does an amazing job jumping from past to present. I never got lost or confused. The way she writes these characters is brilliant. I really could have just read these characters without really much plot. Especially, the interactions between Victor, Sydney and Mitch. hah.

I didn’t like the ending so much. It felt like it was rushed and kind of predictable. I am so excited for the next book though. I can’t wait to jump back into this story with these amazing characters.



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