Circe by Madeline Miller


4 stars

I really enjoy Greek Mythology!! I always tell my husband that I wish there were more books around this topic. I think it’s why I love Wonder Woman so much. Guys, I even named my fish Zeus! Haha. I was really excited to read this one because I had so many people recommending it to me.

This book is beautifully written! Miller’s writing style was something that I really loved about this book. There’s a lot of detail and a lot of description but I never felt lost or like it was information overload. I loved all the little appearances of different gods that you know and love/hate.

Circe’s story is just amazing. She has grown up bullied by her own family and wants to do anything to impress her father. She then comes across a boy, who has given her some attention. She wants to do anything to turn him into a god because she’s in love with him. Her power comes about and some not so great things happen. They fear her and send her to an island, to be banished for life. She really learns how to use her magic. Her character grows so much throughout this book.  I love her story and all the heartache and pain. The whole time, I can’t stop rooting for her!

You really don’t have to know much about Greek mythology to enjoy this book. If the writing doesn’t draw you in, the story itself will. I have not read her previous novel, Song of Achilles. I’m hoping to get to it at some point though. I really enjoyed this one!



16 thoughts on “Circe by Madeline Miller

  1. I love Greek Myth too!! Rick Riordans books are great if you want to read MG books! I haven’t read it yet but I’ve heard a lot of good things. Glad that you like it!

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