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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week’s theme is Top TEN Binge worthy TV Shows/Movies.

What a great topic!! I can’t wait to see what everyone recommends. I really binge watch so much TV when I’m not reading. It’s perfect for when I’m in a reading slump.


1. This Is Us. 

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– This show is SO good. I know that a lot of people hate to cry but it’s totally worth it, I promise. One of my favorite shows! I cannot wait for season 3 to start!!

2. The Office. 

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-This is an oldie but such a goodie!! I seriosuly watch this all the time. A great show to binge and it’s all available on Netflix!

3. Jane the Virgin. 

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-I love this show so much! I love how they make fun of telenovelas but it totally is one too. It’s so fun and there’s so many twists. I’m so sad that this coming season will be the last. Team Michael ❤

4. The Middle. 

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-I am so sad this show is over. I remember that my husband and I vetoed it and never got into it, until season 3-4. We quickly fell in love. It’s over now but it’s so worth a watch! It’s got a lot of lessons, quirky and so much heart.

5. Supernatural. 

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-This is my husbands favorite show. He finally got me to watch it 4 years ago. I am now obsessed too. It’s so good! Lots of supernatural things and it’s so funny at times.

6. Netflix- Yes, it gets it’s OWN number/category! There’s just too many. 

Image result for netflix marvelImage result for stranger thingsImage result for the crownImage result for glow tv showRelated imageImage result for atypical tvImage result for master of noneImage result for grace and frankie

-I really love so many Netflix shows. I had to just add a bunch of the ones I enjoy. I know I’m missing some but these are the ones that I can think of on the top of my head. All a variety of shows but so, so good!

7. Parks and Recreation.

Image result for parks and recreation

-This is another show that I can binge watch. It’s so good! Amy Poehler does such an amazing job, among many of the others. So weird to watch Chris Pratt then. haha.

 8. Game of Thrones. 

Related image

-This show is intense, dark, graphic and full of death. It’s absolutely amazing. Seriously! It’s an HBO show, so it’s only 10 episodes a season. We get the final season next summer, so plenty of time to catch up. Ugh. It’s still so long away and only 6 episodes. Yikes!

P.S.- I went with a season 1 graphic as to not give away spoilers. 🙂

9. The Marvel Universe Movies + Wonder Woman.

Image result for marvel cinematic phases

Image result for wonder woman

-Okay, these are the only movies I’m adding on my list and it’s because there are so many of them. It’s like a series of movies and they are all important! I did add Wonder Woman, even though, she’s DC. I just love it so much. It’s a must watch! I have added the Marvel movies with the correct order to watch them! All of these are out on DVD besides Ant-man & The Wasp, which is estimated for an October DVD release.

10. Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Image result for brooklyn nine nine

I was so bummed when they cancelled this but luckily it was picked up by NBC! It’s going to be a shorter season but at least we get to see them back. This is a GREAT show to help break up all those darker, intense shows. It’s funny and just a great cast. Plus, there was a huge cliffhanger, now we get to know the answer! whew!

This was such a fun week. There’s a lot of things I’m interested besides books and it’s fun to share. Don’t get me wrong, reading is my biggest passion. Still though… it’s fun to share others.

What are your favorite binge worthy tv shows/movies?!?



49 thoughts on “TTT: Binge worthy TV Shows/Movies

  1. I feel like this is an Unpopular thing to say, but I can’t stand the Netflix original movies, only the TV series tbh. I completely agree with you on Supernatural and all the Marvel movies, too, I’m definitely a Marvel girl lol, great post x

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    • I actually don’t watch many of the movies either. I just recently saw the two book adaptations and those were good. I normally just watch the shows, so I don’t think it’s too unpopular! 🙂


  2. I LOVE This Is Us…and of the Netflix shows, The Crown is one I eagerly await each new season. I also love Grace and Frankie…and many of the prison shows, Like OITNB and Wentworth. LOL. I do want to try some of the older shows that I missed along the way, like Parks and Recreation. I just now started watching Friends, having only seen a handful of episodes.

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    • It’s so good! Have you seen ABC’s answer to This Is Us? It’s called A Million Little Things? I’m totally going to check that one out! Oh yeah, I totally forgot about OITNB! Yes, please try Parks and Rec and The Office! Such great shows. Oh, Friends is great!! I just re-watched the whole series a few months ago!! Enjoy 🙂


    • Yes, so many emotions in one episode!! I’m really excited for this season but kind of scared. haha. I’m super emotional with the fertility meds, I can’t wait to see how any tissues I go through. haha!


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