Legendary by Stephanie Garber

Legendary (Caraval, #2)

3 stars


Okay, I’m disappointed in this book! I didn’t hate it but it wasn’t the best. I did find myself enjoying some of the plot but had a lot of issues with the world and characters.

This one revolves around Tella and her trying to find/save her mom. There’s a lot of things I didn’t like but lets talk about some things I did like…

I thought the pacing was good and it started off really promising.

I liked Dante a lot. I also liked the Prince of hearts because he was always brutally honest, until the end. There’s a lot of mystery there and I’m really curious.

This book was really predictable but I did find times that I was enjoying myself. I will read the next book because I have to know how it wraps up. I could be asking for trouble here. Even though, it was predictable there was one thing that really surprised me! I was really excited because I wasn’t sure any of the twists would.

I did like the mystery about their mother and her life before the girls. I really want to know more about her.

Now… onto the things I didn’t like..

First of all, I was really annoyed with Tella! She’s doing everything that her sister cautions her not to do!! Oh, the price is going to be horrible? I’ll do it anyways. UGH. There are moments that she made me laugh. Some of her banter with other characters was fun. I did like her character but I just did not like her decisions. Keeping all kinds of secrets from her sister, who went through hell in the first book. *rolling eyes* Why does Scarlett have such a small roll in this book? Speaking of Scarlett… I really liked her in the first book and now I really dislike her. *** Small spoiler here*** She decides to have two men compete for her?! Are you KIDDING ME?!*** I lost all respect for her!!

I’m not really sure what Garber was doing with this book. We are thrown into another “Caraval” just a couple of weeks after the last one. This one is in a different place/setting. Not only that, there’s so much drifting from the actual event, it was unnecessary to include in the first place. None of the magic and other characters were even a major part of this book. The magic is really lacking and that’s what I liked most in book 1. One minute, she’s competing and the next she isn’t. It just wasn’t exciting. I felt like she was trying to incorporate this new world with the old and they both got lost.

Also, I’m really confused if there was meant to be a love triangle here? It kind of felt like it’s foreshadowing for the next book. I will legit go crazy, if both girls are dating/debating about two boys, each.

Maybe I’m hangry. I did enjoy it and it’s not a terrible read but I was disappointed. I’m going to go eat dinner now but it will not change this review. :):)



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