Anticipated 2019 reads!!!


There have been several posts about which books people are looking forward to next year! I guess, it’s my turn. haha. Honestly, I really needed to do this to catch up, for myself. It’s been a crazy end of the year for me and I have been out of the reading world for a few months. So… this is for me just as much as you. :):) ❤

In no particular order… I have linked the Goodreads link to each book with the date.

Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Legacy of Orïsha, #2)

 Release Date: March 5

I’m really looking forward to the cover release and the actual book!!! I bet we will be in for another great one!

Imprison the Sky (The Elementae, #2)

Release Date: January 22

I loved the first book so much! It didn’t get a lot of attention but I cannot wait to continue this series. ❤

King of Scars (Nikolai Duology, #1)

Release Date: January 29

I had to pleasure of finally reading anything by Bardugo this year! I was a huge fan and I can’t wait for this one!

Chain of Gold (The Last Hours, #1)

Release Date: November 19

She won’t stop and I won’t stop. I know there’s a lot of people who love/hate her. I am quite often entertained by her books! This cover is also awesome.

The Princess and the Fangirl

Release Date: April 2

I was really excited when I recently saw this! I loved Geekerella, so I can’t wait for this one!

DEV1AT3 (Lifelike, #2)

Release Date: May

Darkdawn (The Nevernight Chronicle, #3)

Release Date: September 3

Two Kristoff books!! I cannot wait for Darkdawn!!!! I already know that Sara and I agreed to a buddy read and I can’t wait!

The Mighty Heart of Sunny St. James

Release Date: March 26

I loved her last book. I saw heart surgery and was sold… the rest sounds great too. haha.


Defy Me (Shatter Me #5)- No cover yet- April 2

I know, I’m probably missing some and I know there will be so many more that I just can’t wait to get my hands on. This is my list so far!

Do you have any of these on your list too? Anything that I must add??



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