Archenemies by Marissa Meyer

Archenemies (Renegades, #2)

3 stars

Well…. this one also made me fall asleep! Oh goodness. I think these books would have been much better, if they were half their size!

I struggled so much with the plot again. It was so drawn out and I felt like nothing really happened until the last 100 pages! Guys, this book is almost 500 pages! The pacing is just so slow and takes forever for us to get anywhere. There was definitely less action than the previous book. I don’t think they really went out on any patrols on this one.

I will say, the last 100 pages were great! I was hooked to the story and just had to know what would happen next. It was really enjoyable and I like where she was going.

The love story was very frustrating in this book! I felt that’s what most of this book was about! The constant “does she/does he” like me. It got quite annoying and I felt like we were missing the point of this whole book. Wasn’t it supposed to be about superheroes fighting villains? I feel like there was much less action in this book! It seemed just like a really loooong romance.

Meyer is trying to convey a message in these books, not everything is black and white. I thought we would get more grey areas with these characters. It did not happen! Most of them are stuck to one side. I needed so much more depth in these characters and I did not get it.

I did like to learn more about the characters and their past but I just wished she would have gone deeper with them. Maybe a great arc or something. I didn’t feel like I really connected with any of them.

The final thing that really annoys me… this was supposed to be a duology! Now, it’s a trilogy. What. on. earth. There is so much filler in both of these books, how is she going to do another book? Let’s cross our fingers and toes that it’s much shorter than the near 500 pages. I’m still unsure if I will read it.



9 thoughts on “Archenemies by Marissa Meyer

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  2. Well, given I DNF the fist book in this ‘now trilogy’, I will give this one a miss as I don’t think it’s just my thing. Sorry it didn’t work out, for what it’s worth, well done for finishing both of these books! And crossing my fingers your next book is much more enjoyable! 😊📚❤️

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