Fighting for baby Oliver

Hey guys,

I have posts scheduled for a couple weeks but I will probably not be engaging. I have so many notifications and I hope to catch up at some point.

Last Friday, we went in for our anatomy scan. Baby looked great and she told us the gender at the end. A little boy! We had 10 minutes of bliss and then our world turned upside down. My cervix was open and dilated. They sent me to a hospital further away, to see if I was a candidate for an emergency cerclage surgery. We had a lot of jumps to hurdle because my membranes were exposed and they were worried about infection. I was also dilated 3cm. I had to have an Amniocentesis done and pray it was all clear. It was and they prepped me for surgery. Everything looked good over the next couple days.

Yesterday, I had to have an ultrasound to see how the stitch held and check the fluid around Oliver. If all looked good, I could go home and be on bed rest. Things did not look good. More bad news, the stitch was holding but part of the sac found its way through. Now, it’s being pinched and it could burst at any moment. I’m on some drugs to try and relax my uterus and I will have an ultrasound tomorrow. If it hasn’t resolved itself, I will be stuck here until I give birth. If it does, they can go in and redo the stitch. Now, I’m just waiting and hoping my water doesn’t break. It could be today or two months from now.

Most of you know our story. How it took us sooo long to get here and we have been completely blindsided. We are trying to be hopeful but the doctors are not optimistic. If he can just hold on for 3 more weeks (24wks gestation) he has a chance at life. If you could send your prayers or your positive thoughts our way. We could use them. I’m completely heartbroken that this is happening. Oliver has looked great and doesn’t seem bothered by what’s going on. He’s a little fighter. ❤️

If I’m stuck here for a few months, I’m sure that I’ll be back here. Right now, every day is so risky and that’s all that I have room for.

21 thoughts on “Fighting for baby Oliver

  1. Thinking of you. I realise how hard you’ve tried to get where you are. Lots of love sent to you, your partner and baby Oliver. He really does seem like a fighter. Keep fighting Oliver ❤

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  2. Oh honey, my heart goes out to you and your hubby. I’m praying for your little fighter Oliver so hard!! You are all in my prayers, hang in there. ❤️❤️❤️ If you ever want to talk, I’m here, only a message away. Lots of love 💕

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