Hello my lovely bloggers

I know, I know. I’ve been MIA this past month!

I have had some extra things piled onto my pregnancy, which has added more appts. The good news- Oliver is doing amazing! This little love is about 6lbs at this point.

Next Tuesday, May 7, my stitches are coming out!! I will be 37 weeks and considered term, if he’s born! It’s SO SO amazing that we have made it this far. All my doctors are just simply amazed. 8 more days and it’s sooo much safer for he and I! They are not sure if he will come that day or if I’ll make it to my due date- May 28. We have been busy preparing for him, as if, he’s coming on the 7th!

Obviously, I will be taking a couple months off. I’ll have a newborn and since things have been so difficult, touch and go at times, I’m going to be soaking up all my miracle baby love. I will also be trying to rebuild my strength. My bed rest ends next Tuesday and all my restrictions. I can tell you, after 4 months and 1 week in bed, I have ZERO muscle and NO energy. Part of the reason, some extra things have come about.

This journey has been insanely difficult and I am so glad we are in the Endgame now- Marvel fans? ☺️ Anyways, I’ve really had to put my life on hold, which is fine. Getting this babe to early term was something none of us thought would happen! So, I am happy that all my focus on him, has paid off.

Thank you, for all your positive thoughts, well wishes and prayers!! We are almost there. I really hope you all haven’t forgotten me! I’ve really missed blogging and connecting with you guys. Also…. reading… I haven’t picked up a book in a couple months.

See you guys in a couple months! I will update when he arrives. 😊

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