He is here! Oliver is perfect! ❤️❤️

Last Tuesday, on my 38 week marker, my water broke at home. They say it’s not like the movies.. it kind of is. My doctor had me go into the office to check me. My water definitely broke and I was dilated 2-3cm but not in labor. They sent me across the street, to Labor and Delivery!

They started inducing me and man are those drugs not a joke! Unfortunately, at 5am I still hadn’t moved from 5cm. Throughout the day, we tried everything! I appreciate that my doctor did all she could to get Oliver out vaginally. Unfortunately, after 27 hours of labor and no movement, we had to have a C-section.

How ironic? My cervix was opening on its own at 20 weeks. Then when it’s go time, it wouldn’t budge!!! So crazy!

Oliver came out screaming, weighing 6lbs. 9oz and 20in. long. He’s so little and we are SO in love! He had no NICU time and we were released from the hospital, over the weekend!

Thank you to EVERYONE for your well wishes and prayers! I appreciate them all! The last 6 months have been insanely difficult. I’ve missed a lot of things but I’m so happy with the outcome! I hope to be back late summer!! ❤️❤️

31 thoughts on “He is here! Oliver is perfect! ❤️❤️

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