How to Make A Plant Love You by Summer Rayne Oakes

How to Make a Plant Love You: Cultivate Green Space in Your Home and Heart

4 stars

I was so out of the book world that I didn’t even know she had a book come out! She blew up a few years ago, when it was found that she had an apartment full of plants. When I mean full it is SLAMMED FULL. She has the most amazing Fiddle Leaf Fig tree that just wraps itself around rooms. She’s plant mom goals.

Anyways, I had to pick this up! It was a relatively fast read for non-ficiton. I was expecting it to have a little more plant information. I wanted some of her true tips and plant hacks. I mean, she’s got hundreds of plants and I suffer to keep like 50 alive. LOL.

There are a few tidbits on watering and lighting but I can get those with a quick internet search. I wanted some of her secrets! haha. I also would have loved to have some photos of her apartment now. I know that she does tours and maybe the next time I’m in NY, I’ll have to go!

There are some really amazing facts about plants and where they come from though. She’s done a lot of traveling and it was really fascinating to learn about plants from their native countries.

I do understand that she was trying to delve deeper into a relationship with plants. She had some exercises and thoughts to do at the end of each chapter. I loved that! Made me so aware of things I haven’t even thought of. For example, she asks at the beginning of the chapter to look around and count how many plants you see near you. I had 30. Then at the end, after talking about how plants are literally in like everything that’s made. They are all around you, in your chair, in your table, and so on. I counted sooo many more after! It was really cool. I’m glad that she got me thinking.

Anyways, if you are looking for a book on just how to take care of plants, this isn’t the book for you. If you want to learn a little more about plants and how they are a huge part of our lives and world, this is for you. It makes you think and it makes you realize a lot more than just care tips.

Guys- she totally liked my post on instagram  about starting her book. She also told me to enjoy it! Fangirl moment achieved. hahaha. 


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