Idiot by Laura Clery



Have you ever heard of Help Helen Smash? Neither had I! Honestly, I haven’t delved too deeply into her past videos yet. I found her when I was on bed rest. She posted a video about getting read for a baby. She had a baby 2 months before me! It was the most hilarious video and it was at the perfect time. I have followed her since and I always watch her videos with my husband now. Her and her husband are hilarious!

I wanted to read her book because I wanted to know more about her. She posted when she hit her yearly sober goal! I was intrigued on how she got where she is. I loved this book. It was a quick read, well mostly. I had to stop a lot because of the baby but I could have gotten through this in one day.

The stories about her past were brutally honest and quite terrifying at times. I was just screaming NOOOO!!! Don’t do it!!! She went really deep and got really vulnerable in this book, at the same time, she was humorous. I really appreciate what she’s accomplished so much more. She really put a spotlight on being an addict and how it’s a disease. She really has to fight every single day and she’s come so far.

I think one of the best parts of this book was when she meets her, now husband, Stephen. Their relationship went through so much but the way they meet is so funny! Who argues about who loves water more?! They do. They are hilarious but also went through some really dark stuff. I admire what they have done.

I will be binge watching a bunch of her things now! I’m so glad I read this book and I felt like I got to know the person behind the camera a bit.


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