Crazy Plant Lady by Isabel Serna

I love this book so much! Now, I’m a crazy plant lady and so it speaks to me. I don’t know if you would enjoy it if you do not like plants or don’t have more than like 10. LOL.

There isn’t too much to this and it took me less than 10 minutes to get through. The illustrations are just amazing and this book is so cute. It did make me LOL quite a bit, because it’s just so true. Here are a couple of my favorite pages!

This makes me laugh bc I’m CURRENTLY going through this with a pot that says, “I will survive” 😂
I do need a bigger house… with more windows and light!
I do this… a lot. Haha!

This is a short review. Like I said, it’s a really short book and it’s cute. I actually want to buy it because it has stickers in the back. HAHA! Do you own any plants? Green thumb? orrr is it artificial all the way?

2 thoughts on “Crazy Plant Lady by Isabel Serna

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