Amazon Favorites!!!

I thought that I would do an Amazon favorites post. Something a bit different. I know that I’m a book blogger but I’m also obsessed with Amazon. They have everything and now a lot of things are one day shipping! Anyways, when you are up feeding at 12am, 3am, 5am, 7am.. yeah… my nights are crazy. I am always shopping to stay awake. haha! I have linked the photos, if you want to go to the amazon page for these items!

I’ve had this for two weeks and I’m in love. It’s a little humidifier ($11- what I paid) and it works perfectly for some plants I have grouped together. Since I’m in Ohio, it’s freezing and I’m always running the heat. It’s so dry and I have some humidity loving plants. This has been working great!!

8 Travel Space Saver Bags - No Vacuum or Pump Needed - for Clothes - Reusable - Luggage Compression - Set of 4 L and 4 M Sacks - Transparent

I’m storing a lot of baby clothes that Oliver has outgrown. These are so great! I put them in here, roll them up and put them in totes. They are always on lightning deals too! I paid $11.

USB Power Strip 6 Outlets with Surge Protector, 3 USB Charger Ports(2.4Ax3) with 3 Outlets,5ft Long Extension Power Cord for Indoor,125V/1250W Extension Board White by AICODE

This is amazing!!! I love how this outlet has USB ports. We can just stick our phone chargers and have some outlet space for other items. You need this in your life! I paid $14.

I did not know these existed and they are amazing. I will now use these anytime I can for hanging items! It’s so easy and no holes in the wall!! I paid less than $7!

I paid $5 for this and it’s my favorite thing. Sometimes I just want to have a sparkly diamond, like I just got it cleaned. This is so easy and works so great. I had it on my list for over a year! I put it on my Christmas list and no one got it. So… I did! It’s like almost $9 now but it frequently drops to like $4-$5.

I was looking for a huge tote to store blankets and pillows on the first floor. This is so big!! It fits so much and it’s so cheap. They are so pricey everywhere. I paid $21 for both of these.

I recently got a new Iphone and it’s purple! I wanted a clear case to show that but the Otterbox was like $50! I got this one on Amazon and it’s worked out great! Only $8! Highly reviewed too!

Carhartt Boys' And Girls' Acrylic Watch Hat, Carhartt Brown, Toddler

If you have a little one, this is a must! They are so adorable and only $8!

My husband got this for me and it’s beautiful! It is framed and now hanging in our room. This was a top gift pick in a magazine and I agree! 🙂

Union 63182 Elephant Watering Can, 2 Quarts, 0.5 Gallons, Gray, Novelty Indoor Watering Can

My husband also got me this and I’m obsessed. If you need a cute and affordable watering can, here you go! Less than $8.

These sheets are amazing!! They are SO soft and if you have a deep mattress, these fit awesomely! Trust, I had to live in the bed for 4+ months and we used a few of these sets, a lot. They usually go on lightning deal and have a coupon! I get them from around $17-$22!

This is amazing! It looks small but holds so much! We always used those plastic/cloth totes for our toiletries when we traveled. This was a major upgrade and it’s so compact but fits both of our things! I highly recommend it, especially if you travel a lot. $15

Okay, I think that’s enough for this post! These are some things that I’ve purchased and have really been loving. Is this an okay post? If not, I wont do them anymore!

8 thoughts on “Amazon Favorites!!!

  1. Ever since I moved into my senior residence and gave up my car, shopping is a challenge. I do use Lyft a lot, but I have turned regularly to Amazon for most things, from vitamins and household things to some clothes. I’m going to check out that humidifier!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    • I totally understand how that would limit shopping. Thankfully, you can get just about anything from Amazon! My husband and I don’t buy anything without checking Amazon pricing, since it can be much cheaper with them! Awesome! It’s a really small one but it works for my group of four plants and it has a light setting!

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  2. I love these kinds of posts! Haha they feed my buying addiction 🤣🤣 Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE command strips ❤ I use them to hang almost everything!!!! my favorite are the velcro ones because they are easier to remove and re-position if you don't get it perfectly straight

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