Things My Son Needs to Know about the World by Fredrik Backman

Things My Son Needs to Know about the World

I had access to this, last spring through the Publisher, on Netgalley. I was approved at the same time that things went terribly wrong with my pregnancy. I didn’t even remember it until months later. By then, it was too late and it was archived on Netgalley. I did purchase this a couple weeks ago. Backman is always an author I buy the books, even if I get an ARC. His books are just amazing.

This book was hilarious! I’m kind of glad I didn’t read it then and waited until now. I have my own son and have some of the experiences he has had. It was quite hilarious! There’s a lot that reminded me of my husband too. Especially, when I would go to bed at 7pm in early pregnancy, and he would stay up late playing video games next to me. He loved that. haha.

I don’t know if it’s exhaustion (I get slap happy) but I was dying laughing so many times. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed! I really enjoyed it. For this reason, I definitely was going to give it 5 stars. I enjoyed it so much.

Like all his books, his writing is just so good. He knows how to talk about the most mundane things and turn it into a life lesson. Some of them are pretty big lessons too. At times, I would wonder where he was going with something and BAM, it would hit you. Pretty great stuff.

I did make my husband read some of the things and he would laugh too. I think this is good for all fathers and mothers. Pretty much, parenting is a crazy ride and hard as all get out, but completely and utterly worth it.

“The realization that you will, from that moment on, draw all your breaths through someone else’s lungs hits you harder when you aren’t prepared”

Yes, 100%!!

This is a shorter book and so fast paced. I devoured it! I would say, without all the breaks I had to take, it took me less than two hours to read this one. If you want a really fun and light read, this is for you. If you have kids and want a laugh, read this one!

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