The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

The Flatshare

I am in the middle of a really dark and intense read. I’ve been trying to read this book since September (Darkdawn). I needed a break and my library e-book hold came available. So, I jumped right in and I couldn’t stop.

This is a such a sweet story. It’s actually quite amazing how you can learn about people by the way they live, without even meeting them. I love how their friendship starts because of leaving little notes to each other. It’s MONTHS before they even meet. I absolutely loved this premise.

I adored all the characters!! Tiffy is pretty much the opposite of Leon but they bring out such good things in each other. Even all of Tiffy’s friends are just incredible! They are by her side and they are all so different. It was fun getting to know them. I totally wouldn’t mind a spinoff of Rachel, she was fun. Even all the smaller characters were so great, Holly, for instance. She’s an 8 year old that I just adored.

This was a really fast paced book, it didn’t take me long to get through it. That being said, there’s some dark topics in here brought to light. I think it was handled really well. I will say, some of it I wanted more clarity, in the end.

If you want a fun, fast and cute chic-lit type book, this is for you. It really helped break up such an intense read for me, it’s what I needed. The ending of this book is pretty much everything! ❤

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