First & Then by Emma Mills

First & Then

This is my first book by Emma Mills! I have had this sitting on my bookshelf for a couple years now. This year, I’m focusing on my own bookshelves. I’ve got three of her books and decided it was time to read them.

I loved this book. I wasn’t completely hooked into the plot, at first. I had no idea where Mills was going with this story. It was a slow read for me. This isn’t a particularly long book and it wasn’t because I was bored. Just because it was slow, didn’t mean it was a bad thing. This book is just packed with so many intense moments. The writing in this book is just so beautiful.

One of my favorite things about this book are the relationships. I loved the relationship between Ezra + Devon, Devon +Foster, & Foster +Ezra. They were all so different but equally important. What I loved was that this wasn’t a book based on romance. It was really about Foster and his relationships with Devon and Ezra, for most of the book. They are all going through some really tough things and it was just so beautiful to see them come together.

I’m not sure if I’m articulating this correctly. It was just so refreshing to have a book based on relationships in various ways and not solely on a love interest. There is a love story in here but it’s a slow burn. It’s not the forefront of everything. Plus, it wasn’t love at first sight, they actually got to know each other.

This was such a lovely story and it’s one that I’ll be thinking about for a while. It actually had me tearing up a bit at the end. I really enjoyed this and can’t wait to read more by Mills!

4 thoughts on “First & Then by Emma Mills

  1. I finished this one last night! I love your review and couldn’t agree more. 🖤 it was also my first Emma Mills books. I felt like it portrayed high school well. Instead of a starry eyed romance between teenagers.

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