House of Salt & Sorrow by Erin A. Craig

House of Salt and Sorrows

This was a really strange read. I was a bit confused with a bit of the story and it lost my interest at times. I was totally surprised about how things were done but not who did it! It’s kind of a magical murder mystery. I did not realize it was a retelling until after! lol

There were 12 sisters but now there are only 9. Annaleigh, is convinced her most recent sisters’ death is a murder. I’m not sure if anyone else was getting any Jane Austen vibes in the beginning? All the sisters who are desperate for a ball and to come out to society. I just kept thinking of the beginning of Pride & Prejudice! Anyways, the characters in this book were fine.. I wasn’t really too attached to any of them but that’s okay. I mean, there are a lot of them!

Anyways, there is a lot of mystery and some interesting magic in this book. I was really intrigued at first because it had so much promise! Half way through things just dragged and fell flat for me. Honestly, things don’t really happen until the last 150 pages or so. I think the way they author went was really cool but her executions is where I struggled. The overall, “who did it” part was 100% something I figured out right away.

Something else that I didn’t really enjoy was that this book is C-R-E-E-P-Y!! There are times that I just had to skim because the descriptions were freaking me out. I do not like horror or scary stories whatsoever. I feel like I might have a nightmare or two. There’s also quite a bit of violence. Her descriptions were really well done, so that part of the writing was awesome.

Overall, I it was just an okay read for me. I did enjoy the last 150 pages of the book because things finally happen. It was a really good climax but I wish the beginning and middle weren’t so slow! If you don’t like disturbing violence, I would give this one a pass. I think the creepiness is also a reason I didn’t love this one.

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