Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Tweet Cute

I totally understand why this was raved by so many people! It’s such a cute contemporary that I really enjoyed.

I mean, it has one of my favorite tropes- hate to love! It’s definitely a trope that I live for and will always read. haha. I thought the names Pepper and Jack were pretty cute, since it is a book about a grilled cheese twitter war. One of my favorite things were the tweets! They were pretty funny and reminded me A LOT of Wendy’s and their tweets. Guys, are you following Wendy’s on twitter? If not, YOU NEED TO NOW! They roast people (mostly McDonald’s & Burger King) and have THE BEST comebacks. It’s pretty much amazing. Okay.. I got off topic..

Anyways, I really liked Pepper and Jack. They are both going through a lot of challenges in life. They are trying to figure what they want to do with their life after graduation. Pepper is also dealing with the fallout between her mom and sister after the divorce. She’s moved to a new school and it’s really competitive. Jack is dealing with the fact that he thinks his brother is the golden child. He doesn’t want to stay behind to run the shop but feels like his parents aren’t giving him a choice. Throughout the book, you see both of them deal with these issues and work through them. I love how they brought out the best in each other!

I think the only thing I disliked was that this book was constantly making me hungry!! haha. Everything sounded so good and I just wanted a grilled cheese and some monster cake!

It was a really sweet romance and not too corny! Sometimes these contemporaries can be over the top in regards to being corny. Some of it was a little predictable but I didn’t mind at all. If you are looking for a fun, fast, cute read, this one is for you!

2 thoughts on “Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

  1. Great review! I’ve seen other reviews about it but never really thought about the punny names of the main characters. That definitely makes it cuter!

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