O.W.L.S Readathon TBR!

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All the information can be found here.. Magical Readathon.

This will be my first year participating and I’m really excited! I can’t decide between a Herbologist or a Librarian. They don’t have any overlapping prompts, so I need to read at least 8! I might just do all of them, if I have others that fit the prompts. I think I’m also going to attempt Mermaid Linguistics! I’m pretty sure, I’m going with Librarian, so the herbology prompt will work out for this training!

owls 2020 prompts


Heart of Flames (Crown of Feathers #2)

I just read book 1 for owlcrateathon and this fits perfectly for this prompt! You can totally see a beak back there! 🙂

ARITHMANCY: Magical qualities of #2. Something outside your favorite genre – Fantasy-

Little Women

I don’t typically read classics but this is one that I really want to read! Seems like a great time!

CARE OF MAGICAL CREATURES: Hippogriffs- Cover with a beak on it.

Defy Me (Shatter Me, #5)

If you look closely, there’s a bird in the eye. Bird = beak. 🙂

DEFENSE AGAINST THE DARK ARTS: Grindylows- Books set at sea/coast

The Starless Sea

I started this last month and hit a wall. THIS fits the prompt AND will make me finish this book! At least, I hope so! haha

HERBOLOGY: Mimbulus mimbletonia- Starts with an M

Milk and Honey

I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while!

HISTORY OF MAGIC: Witch hunts- featuring a witch/wizard

The Guinevere Deception (Camelot Rising, #1)

I’m excited for this one because I didn’t get to it last month for owlcrateathon! Perfect for the wizard prompt!

POTIONS: Shrinking Solution- Book under 150 pages

Shadow Me (Shatter Me, #4.5)

I didn’t know this existed but I’ll be reading it before book 5!

TRANSFIGURATION: Animagus lecture – features shapshifting

A Curse So Dark and Lonely (Cursebreakers, #1)

I’ve been needing to get to this for a while. I’m excited for this one. In her video, she did say that a Beauty & the Beast retelling would work!

Okay, this is it!! I’m hoping that I can get to all these. I’m so excited to be joining this for the first time!! 🙂

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