W.W.W 4/8/20

This is a weekly meme hosted by, Taking on a World of Words. It’s where we talk about the Three W’s:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you will read next?

Ahh, I’m so late posting this, this week!! It’s been crazy the last couple days. They came in to do our counter tops and then I had to super clean the house after. Now, my husband has been trying to figure out how to install the new sink in. It’s been crazy! haha

What I’m currently reading?

I’m currently participating in O.W.L’s! I’ve read 2 books for it so far. I think I’ve definitely picked Librarian. Yay! I’m also doing Mermaid Linguistics and have my Herbology prompt completed! Woot!

Little Women

I can’t tell you how many versions of the movie/tv show I have seen. I have not seen the new one but I can’t wait. I can’t believe I’ve never read it. I’m about half way and it’s a slow read for sure. I am enjoying it though. This fits my Arithmancy prompt for O.W.L’s!

A Curse So Dark and Lonely (Cursebreakers, #1)

I’m almost through this one and LOVING it!!

What did I recently finish?

The Starless Sea

I FINALLY finished this! Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best read for me. I talk about it in my review – The Starless Sea This was the Defense Against the Dark Arts prompt for O.W.L’s!

Nightshade (Nightshade, #1; Nightshade World, #4)

I’ve had this on my book shelf for almost 8 YEARS! I finally got to it. It was an okay read but I’ll continue the series.

Milk and Honey

This wasn’t the best read for me either. I was between 2.5-3 stars and was generous. This made my Herbology prompt for Mermaid Linguistics!

What will I read next?

Shadow Me (Shatter Me, #4.5)

I’m reading this before I read book 5! I hope to get to it this week. This also fits a prompt for O.W.L’S

Heart of Flames (Crown of Feathers #2)

This also fits a prompt and I’m hoping to get to this one this week!

How was your week?? It wasn’t the best reading week for me but I’m hopeful for next week! Stay healthy and safe everyone. ❤

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