Heart of Flames by Nicki Pau Preto

Heart of Flames (Crown of Feathers #2)

This book is a huge one! It did get off to a slow start but then a lot of action happens throughout the rest of the book. There’s so much going on that it didn’t feel like a huge book! Once the pacing picked up, I really flew through this book.

I really enjoyed the world building! It was really good in book 1 and we just get more of it in this book. She does such a great job expanding on the magic too. I really can’t wait to see how much more we learn about shadow magic in the next book. I feel like we’ve barely touched the surface with Veronyka’s power!

Speaking of Veronyka, her character development really grew in this book. I mean she really learned to take a hold of her magic and her life, really. I did get a bit annoyed with how she kept giving Val so many chances. I get it, it’s the only family she knows but still. I really can’t delve too much into this because of spoilers!

I really enjoyed all the POV’s in this book. I wasn’t really the biggest fan of Sev in the first book but we get so much more of him and I LOVED his character growth in this one. It really came so far and what he’s doing is pretty courageous!

I was a bit underwhelmed with Tristan in this book. I don’t know but I just didn’t love him as much. I do think that he kind of took a back seat but Sev definitely had a lot more impact in this book. We don’t get as much of him but what we do get, just felt a bit.. ehh..

The phoenix riders are so amazing! They are one of my favorite things about this whole entire series. It’s so amazing to see how they are their own characters!

If you can get past that this is a huge book and that it was a bit slow in areas, it’s so worth it. Once the action starts it doesn’t stop! The cliffhanger is absolutely amazing too! I cannot wait for the next book!

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