Defy Me by Tahereh Mafi

Defy Me (Shatter Me, #5)

I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I am in this. I loved the original trilogy and I thought the 4th book was okay. It had some potential and I figured she had a plan… right?! RIGHT?! Heck no! I am quite angry actually and this is going to be one big rant! I’m just so sad.

I read this book in one day… Basically, in three hours, during my sons nap times. It was fast for a 352 page book because there was absolutely NO substance to this book! The plot, what plot? It was like reading a diary about how hot these characters love interests were. I can’t remember how many times I rolled my eyes.

We get a bunch of flashbacks throughout the story and they were just meh.. Each flashback tells the same thing… they knew each other in the past. We already learn about that in book #4. We don’t need all these flashbacks about the past, I really just didn’t care for it.

I mean we do get a few things about the story line but it does not make sense at all. I’m more confused than anything because things that were previously done have been thrown out the window. It makes it seem that the original trilogy had no point.

The characters… ugh. I absolutely loved Juliette & Warren and in this book I couldn’t stand them! I didn’t even recognize them at all. Warren was a love sick puppy and Juliette wasn’t much better. What happened to my warriors?! The world is literally falling apart and all they could think about was each other. Don’t forget- how hot they are! Even Kenji, who I loved, started getting on my nerves! He acted like a teenage boy with a one track mind: Nazeera is so hot. *eye roll*

Now, lets talk about the name change. Are you serious? She’s always going to be Juliette and not Ella. Really… not a great plan and I really dislike it!

This was just a huge disappointment for me. I’m not sure how the Goodreads rating is over 4! It’s a book that’s a complete waste of time and nothing exciting or interesting happens. I honestly do not think I will be picking up the last book and that makes me so sad! Ugh. 😦

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