The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller

The Shadows Between Us

I am really loving stand alone books right now! This book was so good!

I went into this book blind but I did know there were a lot of people talking about it. I am doing a readathon with a Facebook group and they loved this book.

I started this book hoping that I could get it finished in a week. It took me ONE DAY! Yes, I was lucky that Oliver took two naps that day! I could not put this book down. It’s fast paced because there’s just so much going on.

I really didn’t know how I felt about our main character, Alessandra. I still don’t quite know, haha. She’s evil, cunning, rude and quite frankly a murderer. The little bit of an issue I had was that she didn’t care. Cold blooded murder (it’s the first page guys, no spoilers, here). It kind of felt odd for to me to love a character that was <b>so</> ruthless. She was so fun to read though because she’s so smart and I loved how she didn’t care about anything. She made her own rules.

Our Shadow king is actually the same way. I think that’s what makes them so perfect. If you want to read about morally grey characters then this book is for you!

I really loved the romance in this book! The build up in their relationship is really good. I think that the way the shadows were worked into this story was brilliant! I’m starting to think Levenseller might be climbing up my author rankings list. I don’t really have one but she’s definitely one that I’ll be looking for her books!

If you want a fun, dark and morally grey story this is something you need to pick up asap! It’s a fast read and the fact that it’s a stand alone makes it all the better!

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