Whichwood by Tahereh Mafi

Whichwood (Furthermore, #2)

Okay, this book was a little bit better than Furthermore. The cover to this book is STUNNING! I didn’t really have high hopes for this one but I did like more than the previous book.

Most of this book is about a new character, Laylee, who washes the dead and sends them on. Our previous characters, Oliver & Alice, come to her world to help her. No one knows how she needs help but things just end up going from bad to worse. I think the reason I enjoyed this one more is because most of it is focused on Laylee. I really enjoyed her character so much more than Alice and Oliver. She was way more interesting and her special abilities made for a much more engaging plot. She’s also tough and her story is quite heartbreaking.

Speaking of the plot, we actually have one in this book. The first book kept us in the dark about so many things and it was just frustrating. Here, we know what’s going on, even if our characters don’t. This book is also really dark. I’m quite shocked that this is a middle grade book because it might give me nightmares and I’m an adult! I would say this has more of a YA feel than Middle grade.

Overall, this one was a step up form Furthermore but it wasn’t my favorite. The plot and new characters were intriguing enough that I never got bored or counted pages. I am not sure that I would recommend this as middle grade because of how dark and scary the content can be. I don’t know that I would pick up another MG from Mafi.

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