DNF: The Betrothed by Kiera Cass

The Betrothed (The Betrothed, #1)

I don’t know what the protocol is for DNF books because I HARDLY ever do it. I got 40% of the way through this book and I couldn’t go anymore. I contemplated for a while but decided I needed to try and not read books if I’m not enjoying them. What I did read, I give 1 star… but guys… I’m so disappointed about this!

I really liked the Selection series. Is it the best series out there? Definitely not but it’s fun and I enjoyed them. I was excited for this one but I kind of went in hesitant because after reading the description, I knew there would be a love triangle.

The characters in this book are flat and boring. There is absolutely no depth. Everyone keeps meeting Hollis and telling her how amazing she is. What? She has no personality and I just didn’t care for her. There are MANY books where authors introduce characters that I’ve fallen in love with. I was almost half way through this book and I didn’t connect at all.

The king- Jamieson is rather annoying. He just laughs at everything that Hollis says. She’s not funny. Yet, it’s mentioned so many times how he’s laughing so much. I was just really confused.

Then we have the second love interest, Silas. Basically, he’s got these beautiful blue eyes that Hollis has a jolt when she sees them. She’s already in love and they don’t even know each other. Sigh.

The plot… is really going nowhere! I’m almost half way through this book and we’ve just been introduced to another King. She’s being set up as the next queen but the king hasn’t proposed to her. It’s all just very strange and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes a lot.

I read a spoiler-y review after I decided to DNF this and THANK goodness that I didn’t keep going!! I don’t know if I’ve completely grown out of Kiera Cass’s writing style or this was just a bad one for her.

4 thoughts on “DNF: The Betrothed by Kiera Cass

  1. Sad to hear you didn’t enjoy it! I’m planning to read it by the end of the month, and with all the negative reviews rolling in I’m kind of nervous 😂 It sounds laughably bad, so if anything maybe I’ll just enjoy poking fun at how awful it is.

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