Sisters by Raina Telgemeier


This was adorable! I got this book on clearance because I had seen it come through the library a lot.

It’s a really quick read. It is a graphic novel and it’s middle grade. I read this one so fast. My favorite thing about this graphic novel was how it flashed between the present and the past. It was done in such a smooth way. I love how she used the color changes to tell the different stories.

This was autobiographical too. This was a cute way to tell some of her family story. We get to see a lot about the relationships between everyone as they go on this family trip. You get your sisters, who are a bit jealous of each other, and their younger brother. They all pretty much drive their mother crazy. haha

It’s a cute story with some really intense moments. I really enjoyed this one that I think I’ll pick up some of her others!

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