13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison

13 Treasures (Thirteen Treasures, #1)

I had seen this one pop up on TBR’s for middle grade May. It sounded interesting, who doesn’t love fairies!? I ordered it and put it on my Belivathon TBR.

I did like this book but I thought it was just an okay read. It dragged a bit for me and it just took too long for things to happen. I get trying to have some suspense and intrigue but it’s happening the whole entire book.

I always get so frustrated when bad things happen because people refuse to communicate. I’m pretty sure if I was part of a magical world or had some type of ability, I would want to educate any descendants that are the same. Keeping secrets to keep them “safe” never works out. Kids are always questioning everything and always determined to find the answers.

It could be because it was middle grade but I couldn’t really connect to any of the characters. I just really didn’t like Tanya that much and this whole book is about her. If fairies will torment you if you talk or write about them, why on earth would you keep doing it? Eventually, she’s like… “oh, they will stop if I don’t talk/write about them. Maybe I should give them what they want.” *slaps forehead* Come on!

This is a lot darker than I anticipated and was a bit spooky at times. I wasn’t expecting that at all! The last 100 pages are so is where this book really got interesting. So many things are happening that I really wish it started from this point on and continued.

It wasn’t a bad book and the end of the book was much better than the beginning. I’m not sure that I want to continue the series though because I still didn’t really care for Tanya’s character. Again, if I was the targeted audience, maybe I would have enjoyed this one better.

One thought on “13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison

  1. Oof, that bit you shared about the main character already has me cringing and passing up on this book. I think it would annoy me way too much as well 😅 Glad that you could still find things to enjoy about it though! Great review 🙂


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