Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan

I’m so excited that I’ve read some classics lately. This was a really quick read! I was not expecting it to be so short.

With that being said, I expected a lot more from this one! I don’t know if I would have felt different if I read this as a child. I just felt like we were missing a lot to the plot. Things happen but a lot doesn’t. This is an instance that I would have liked more pages.

Oh Peter! How I feel so sad for him. He is so scared of growing up that he misses out on so much. Seriously, your childhood is VITAL to everything you will ever do. He didn’t think his mother wanted him and I think it kind of breaks him.

On the flip side, we see Mrs. Darling’s unconditional love for her children. Always leaving the window open and just dreaming to hold her babies. Oh, the last bit of this book is kind of heartbreaking!

Okay, I had a lot of issues with Mr. Darling’s story line. What. On. Earth!! HUH?! I just didn’t understand that decision!

Overall, this is a good children’s classic with a great message. We all need mothers, especially the ones who will leave the window open! I just didn’t like some of the lack of plot. I needed more Hook and that whole story line. I really disliked the whole kennel issue with Mr. Darling too.

4 thoughts on “Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

  1. I have never read Peter Pan, but I think we all have heard enough references to the book and its message that we can relate to it in the sense of some men being boys who never grow up, Peter Pan men, and how women are affected by these overgrown boys. We smile about them, but then when we see men like that, behaving badly, we aren’t smiling anymore.

    Perhaps I should actually read the book, though. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. OK I’m actually really curious now especially with what you mentioned about Mr. Darling’s storyline! I liked Peter Pan well enough when I was a kid but it wasn’t a favourite… But I’ve never actually thought to read up the original story until now (even if it was a bit disappointing)! It would be interesting to know about Peter Pan’s backstory. Great review 🙂

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    • Yeah, same here!!! If I didn’t do it to fit a prompt, I probably wouldn’t have read it! It’s kinda strange and a lot different than the story I knew of!


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