Happy & You Know it by Laura Hankin

Happy & You Know It

I hadn’t heard anything about this book and there weren’t many reviews but I chose it as my BoTM pick. It was my very first one and I’m so glad that I enjoyed it.

I think I enjoyed this book a lot more now than I would have before I had a kid. It’s so hard to completely understand the thought process of how you stress, hope, love and want the best for your kids. I completely related to so many of those thoughts, even if, I’m not as rich and privileged as they are. I think it’s kind of the point. No matter what our income is, we all love and want the best for our children.

I really enjoyed all these characters and how their personalities differed. I think I related the most to Amara because she was the most level headed and down to earth. The women in this play group are all trying to figure out motherhood the best they can. I mean, aren’t we all? Claire comes into this playgroup to play music. It turns out that all these perfect moms have a lot of secrets and things start to come out.

This was such a quick paced book because I couldn’t put it down. I just had to know what was going to happen next. All these things start to unravel and you realize that not everyone’s home is perfect. The best part about this book is that with all these heavy topics, there was a lot of snark. I found myself laughing out loud a lot (Thanks, Amara).

There are a lot of twists and turns in this book. Some of them are so predictable but some of them are not. I mean you think about a group of rich, bored & lonely women. You can kind of guess some of the things going on behind the scenes. The downfall to this book is the ending… it was so rushed and I felt like we needed more pages to wrap everything up.

I was thoroughly entertained by this book and it was a great break in my middle grade reading month. I’m so glad that I chose this one for BoTM!! 🙂

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