Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

Shadow of the Fox (Shadow of the Fox, #1)

I went into this book blind but it was an Owlcrate book and I have seen people talking about the final book that came out a few months ago.

I really enjoyed the Asian mythology and the world that was created in this book. It might be the best thing about this book!

I enjoyed the plot for the most part. They take off on a journey and have an ultimate goal but face obstacles on the way. It’s not anything new but I did enjoy it until the pacing slowed down a bit. I have seen a lot of reviews stating there is a lot of filler in the middle and they are right. I feel like this book did take me a lot longer than it should have.

I did have some issues with the characters. I enjoyed the fact that they just get added to the group as they face a new challenge. The thing I didn’t like was how tropey they all were. I really wish that Tatsumi didn’t change completely so quickly. Maybe in book 3 it would be okay. I just felt like there was insta-love and I am not into that. I also found myself rolling my eyes a couple of times at Yumeko. She is very naive but that will happen when you are sheltered from the world. I didn’t need to be reminded of that constantly. She’s so naive but everything works out perfectly and I didn’t buy it! It’s nice in theory but it happened every time (almost). My favorite character is actually the ronin! Okame did make me laugh out loud a few times.

Overall, I did enjoy this one and I will continue the series. I hope that some of the characters grow a bit more on me. I am excited to read more about all the Asian mythology!

5 thoughts on “Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

  1. I’ve had this one sitting on my TBR for a while but with the release of the last book, it has been almost everywhere on my TL this year! Glad to hear that you enjoyed most of it but… good heads up on the characters. I’m not liking the sound of these insta-love vibes but I hope that it’s bearable! Great review 🙂

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  2. Fab review! I think I would have similar issues with the characters and I’m not a big fan of insta-love either, but I think I still want to try this one for the Asian mythology alone. xx


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