T.T.T. Most Anticipated Releases!

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week it’s Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases for the Second Half of 2020.

Oh gosh… I’m excited about this because I’m not even sure myself. I need to do some research! I’ve been so focused on my own physical TBR that I’m trying to limit my New Releases. There’s also been so many push backs that I’m just lost on when things are coming out. Some that were supposed to come out before are coming out later. This is for releases that haven’t changed much or yet.

A ​Sky Beyond the Storm (An Ember in the Ashes, #4)

I feel like this has been on so many of my lists lately but this is probably my MOST anticipated release out of the WHOLE year! Please, PLEASE don’t let me down Sabaa!!

Anxious People

Does this count if I have an e-ARC? I can’t wait. I love his work!

Rhythm of War (The Stormlight Archive, #4)

Am I jumping the gun? Absolutely. I still have to read book 2 & 3 but loved book 1 that much!!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Am I salty because I was denied by Netgalley? Yes. I still can’t wait for this one!

Midnight Sun (Twilight, #5)

No hate comments here! I’m so undecided but I will absolutely read it.

The Burning God (The Poppy War, #3)

I will get to book two, I will get to book two, I will get to book two. I can’t wait. 😀

How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories (The Folk of the Air, #3.5)

I’m not sure what to expect but I’m excited!

Bookish and the Beast (Once Upon a Con, #3)


The Other Side of the Sky (The Other Side of the Sky, #1)

I just saw this on a list and thought… sure could be interesting! I’m running out of ideas.

The Switch

I’ve been seeing a lot of positive reviews so far.

I know that I’ve forgotten a lot of books! I’m so tired and it’s really late right now. I’m squeezing in some blogging time before my son wakes up to eat. I know that when I blog hop, I’m going to find so many books I forgot!!

Stay safe and healthy everyone! Until next week!

38 thoughts on “T.T.T. Most Anticipated Releases!

    • I Know!! I remember reading what she posted on her website after it leaked… I liked it better than Twilight! haha. Bella’s perspective can be kinda .. not the greatest at times. :):)

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  1. The Other Side of the Sky and Addie LaRue are pretty popular picks this week! I’m so excited for both of them 😀 Also A Sky Beyond the Storm! I really hope this series conclusion doesn’t destroy me completely 😂 I hope you enjoy all of these!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh, I was shocked too! My first request this year. haha. I was trying not to do any this year and I made it a whole six months! I couldn’t resist Backman! Now, I’m down the galley rabbit hole. LOL!


    • Right?!?! I remember reading the first few chapters that she put on her website after it leaked. I actually liked his perspective much better. I’m excited and nervous at the same time! lol

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    • I know!!! I hope that we get a lot of what happened in Book 3 because I always thought that was something missing in that book. I loved that series though. I’m excited!


  2. Um, okay, Fredrik Backman *always* counts. What a silly question. 😛 That’s one of my most anticipated books, too. ❤ I actually still need to read R.F. Kuang's whole series, somehow? Because I'm behind? But I absolutely LOVE the covers for that series, and I'm excited to pick it up eventually. Hope you enjoy all of these when you get to read them!

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    • Hahaha… I know, I don’t even know why I questioned myself! I did it so late at night and was dead tired.. probably why! 😀 Her books are chunky but so far I’ve only read the first one. I just bought the second one and hope to read it this month or next month. Yes, the covers are AMAZING. Thank you!! I hope that I do too. 🙂 ❤

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