Educated by Tara Westover


I picked this up because so many people recommended it. I didn’t even know what it was about. Wow, was it intense!

I might have picked this up at the wrong time since I’m a huge mood reader. It did take me a long time to actually get through this one. It’s not that it’s a hard read or anything but there’s just so much depressing content. I know, this stuff happens to people all over but there’s so much sad things going on already. There are so many trigger warnings in this book but ABUSE is a huge one.

It was a good memoir, I’ve read better. There are some thing that I had issues with though. There’s a lot of instances in this book that she has a footnote about things being changed or how she can’t quite remember. A lot of events come up and she says the people that were there don’t remember it that way. I’m not sure if there’s a lot of exaggeration here or if it’s just a trick of people’s memories. I’m leaning more towards exaggeration. They have all sustained such horrible injuries, who can even tell at this point.

I’m also having some issues actually believing this girl is a genius. She has NO schooling whatsoever and ends up acing her ACT and eventually getting into Harvard. I just can’t really wrap my head around that. I know that she studied a lot and it’s not quite impossible but still.

I’m also terrified by the fact that they sustained such horrible injuries without medical attention. I’m blown away how they are all not dead. I just can’t get behind oils and herbs healing THAT much. What do I know though.

What I did love about this was how hard she fought to get out and stay out. Her thirst for knowledge and how she realized that the world is much bigger than what she was previously taught. She had little to no support from her family, which had to be insanely hard.

Overall, this wasn’t a terrible read but I was just left with a lot of questions. I did think it was very inspiring. I know that I’m in the minority and it could be that I picked this up at the wrong time. I found things a little too hard to believe. I think I needed a little more than just all these crazy instances happening. I REALLY want to know how they got home after that first car accident. Like… how?!

4 thoughts on “Educated by Tara Westover

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  2. Intense is one word for it 😀 I sometimes couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Preppers live such a different life style. And there was a lot going on in just one family, it’s incredible that three of the kids ended up going to university.

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  3. Yes it’s intense , and I couldn’t believe a lot as you felt , but being an outsider ( expat from other country) I couldn’t decide how to believe / not believe . But an eye opener for me ! Not all Americans life are same !

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