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Thank you to Nikki Swift Reads for the tag! She has made her own spin on Greek Goddesses! I love Greek mythology and the Goddesses so I’m glad to do this one! I have linked hers so you can see her original post!


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How to Participate:

💐 For each Goddess listed below, you must do ONE of the following:

  1. Pick a book that you would want to BUDDY read with them.
  2. Pick a book that you would RECOMMEND to them to read.
  3. Pick a book that EMBODIES them.

💐 For your favorite Goddess, you must do all three!

In other words, you can use the three options below! 


Aphrodite is perhaps one of the most well known of the Greek Goddesses. She is the Goddess of love, beauty, desire, procreation, pleasure, and sensuality. She was said to have many suitors and caused much jealousy among the Gods. Symbols for Aphrodite include scallop shells, mirros, golden apples, roses, grape, peals, rose quartz, doves, sparrows, and the colors pink or red. Some things to reach out to her for is for romantic advice, inspiration for writing of love, finding true love, sex and pleasure, self-love, and confidence.

Aphrodite is my favorite and that means I have to do all three!

The Unhoneymooners
Buddy Read: I would love to re-read this with her. I think the hate to love would be so fun with her!
Recommend: This is hard because SHE is pretty much Romance. I want to give her something else that she wouldn’t typically know/read. I’m recommending Becoming because it is non-fiction and about another powerful, influential woman.
Lovely War
Embodies: Is it cheating if I pick this?!?! Too bad! lol


Artemis is the Greek Goddess of wild nature, the moon and femininity, hunting, and nursing. She has also been called the Goddess of childbirth because Artemis’ birth was difficult. Zeus did not force Artemis to marry, so she is also seen as the Goddess of independence and autonomy. She is quite known of carrying her bow and arrow with a pack of hounds to accompany her. It is said that the God Pan gave her the hounds. She grants or takes fertility and life from plants and animals. While Selene is said to rule the heaven and Hecate the underworld, Artemis is said to rule the Earth. She is known to be stern towards men and is a protector of women. She is represented by white or silver, moonstone, silver, the moon, forests, owls, all wild animals, the number 6, honey cakes, or walnut trees.

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

Recommend: She reminds of Katniss. Not just because of the bow and arrow!


Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice, and poetry. Zeus was said to actually birth her himself! She was known to be loyal to her father and she as said to be his favorite. She was the goddess of war, because the term meant something different to her than other Gods of war. For instance, she was more the Goddess of strategy, organized warfare, advanced weaponry – she was more defense. She was set to be born in all her battle gear, ready to go. With her craftwork, she rules over metal-working, smithing, spinning, weaving, and wool working. Those she loves, she protects fiercely. She manifests as an owl and is represented by the color red, number 3 and 7, olives, snakes or wolves, queen of spades, night moon, and fruits of labor.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons, #1)

Buddy Read: I would love to know her thoughts on WW.


Atropos was one of the Three Fates, which were also called Moirai. Together, they were Goddess of fate and destiny. Atropos was the oldest. Her focus was on events in life that are not stoppable, with a focus on death. With the ‘threads of life’, one sister would spin the cloth (create life), another would measure the length (quality of life), but Atropos was the one to cut the cloth in the end (death). She decided how mortals die. She was said to hold shears in her hands.

Scythe (Arc of a Scythe, #1)

Recommend: She might like to read another alternative to death.


Clio was one of the nine Muses. The nine Muses were Goddess of song, music, dance, poetry, etc. Clio was the Goddes of her own specific area, which was history. Due to this, she is depicted holding an open scroll or chest of books. She was said to spend much of her time with hser sisters upon Mount Parnassus. One of the more scandalous stories is that Clio was said to have angered Aphrodite when she spoke ill of Aphrodite having fallen for Adonis. Aphrodite, then, caused Clio to fall in love with a mortal.

Sorcery of Thorns

Buddy Read: I think we could enjoy this together. I mean.. books!


Gaia is the Greed Goddess of the Earth, sometimes called Mother Earth. She was said to have created all life on earth. She relieves suffering and is nurturing like a mother. She was one of the first Goddess as well, coming from what was called ‘the Chaos’ or the void. She gave birth to Uranus, mated with him, then gave birth to monsters and Titans. Which, is a bit odd. But, she then gave birth to Aphrodite. Often she is seen as a full-bosomed, middle aged woman clothed in green and other aspects of nature. She is seen as a great mother, protecting her children and nature.

The Elfstones Of Shannara (The Original Shannara Trilogy, #2)

Recommend: I think she would enjoy this because they focus a lot on nature. Also, she might love the ending..



Hecate was the Goddess of witchcraft! But, also magic, the night, moon, ghosts, and necromancy. One of the most enthralling stories about her is when she guided Demeter in finding Persephone by using a flaming torch. She is said to be the Goddess of all doors and gates, that she can stand at the gateway between worlds. Hecate knows all mysteries and sees through illusions. She also upholds karma, so be careful with your actions. She is the Goddess of transformations as well as the Goddess of Death. She uses the Crescent Moon as her sickle and is also associated with black dogs who bark as she approaches, horses, ravens, snakes, torches, lanterns, knives, mazes, pomegranates, and keys.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)

Buddy Read: I want her to tell me what kind of witchcraft is totally legit and fake. haha I know that they use a lot of it through their wants but I’m talking spells and such.


Iris is known as the rainbow Goddess! She comes to earth to restore calm to the world after a storm. She served nectar to the Gods as a handmaiden of Hera. Iris was also known to have been able to go to the Underworld, as one of the only Olympians who could. She collected oaths there. She is seen carrying a pitcher and wearing wings. Known also as a messenger, she carries those messages between the Gods and humans. She is said to be one of the most beautiful goddesses. She is loyal, faithful, represented by the flower Iris, and can shape shift to change her appearance.

*** This might be controversial … if you don’t like it.. scroll on***

Recommend: I think it would be awesome for her to read the most important rainbow to mankind. Also, she was a messenger from the Gods to humans. To Christians, this is a message from God to humans.


Nemesis was the Greek Goddess of retribution or vengeance. She handed out the punishments for evil deeds, arrogance, etc. One of the most well-known stories about her was when she lured a self-obsessed, arrogant boy named Narcissus to water. When he couldn’t stop looking into his reflection, he died there. Some say she was the mother of Helen of Troy. She seeks justice for those who go unpunished for crimes and also keeps balance in ones life. She is a close companion to Aidos, the Goddess of Shame. Nemesis is seen as a winged woman dressed in white or as a Griffon with a Wheel of Fortune. She is also reprsented by wheels, wings, whips, hourglass, scales, apples, or luck.

Vengeful (Villains, #2)

Embodies: I think this is right up her alley. I wouldn’t want to buddy read with her, just saying. haha


Many people confuse Persephone. She is the Goddess of the Underworld, but she is also the Goddess of Spring. She lives in the Underworld in the Fall and Winter seasons, but during the Spring and Summer she returns to earth. She inspires renewal of life of all things, as an innocent maiden. But, as the Dark Queen, she carries her sickle and reaps what has been sown. Many know the story of how Zeus’s brother Hades wanted her, abducted her, and married her. Her mother, Demeter, searched for her, but in time Persephone came to love Hades. She favors widows, is represented by anything in spring time especially flowers such as roses.

Goddess of Spring (Goddess Summoning, #2)

Buddy Read: Mostly, I need to read this but I would love for her to tell me what’s right or wrong.


Thetis was the Goddess of the sea and commanded fifty sea nymphs. She was also the Goddess of prophesy and was a shape shifter. She was the mother of Achilles, who she tried to protect during the Trojan War. Both Zeus and Poseidon wanted to marry her, but neither did because of their fear of the prophecy that the glory and power of her son would surpass his father’s. While Thetis tried to make Achilles immortal with sacred waters, she forgot to submerge is heel, which brought upon his death later.

The Song of Achilles

Buddy Read: Another book I’m dying to read. I think she would enjoy it but also I would love her viewpoint too.


Urania (or Ourania) is a daughter of Zeus and another one of the Muses. She was the Goddess of Astronomy and the stars. She was often seen holding a rod that pointed to a celestial globe. Her name is translated to heavenly. Due to her realm of Astronomy, she was also said to have the ability be prophetic. She inspired others to be scholarly and artistic.

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)

Recommend: I mean.. it’s in space and there’s AI. I just think she would love this series like I do.

You are ALL tagged! I will admit this took a lot more thought than I realized. haha. I enjoyed it though and I even had my husband join in on the fun. Great tag, Nikki!!

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