Mini Reviews: Red, White & Royal Blue, & Luster

Red, White & Royal Blue

Title: Red, White & Royal Blue

Author: Casey McQuiston

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Published: May 14, 2019

Pages: 421

Format: Library e-book

I am so sad. I wanted to love this but I just thought it was okay. I was on the fence for SO long because I didn’t know if I would like all the politics. I was right. There is so much politics and campaign talk that it just bored me. I enjoyed a lot of the characters. I found myself actually liking a lot of the supporting characters than the main. I really would love to know more about Zahra and her fiance. I loved her so much. I think she had most of the LOL moments. I found Alex to be a bit self-indulgent at times. Most of this book was how Henry would fit into his life and not the other way around. Where was the compromise? Henry is royalty! Not just a random person on the street. I normally love an enemies to lovers trope but I didn’t really feel that here. I felt like it was just zapped out so fast. I wanted more of that banter but they fell just too fast. I also found it really predictable. Ugh, I enjoyed it and it was cute but not a love for me. Sorry guys!


Title: Luster

Author: Raven Leilani

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Published: August 4, 2020

Pages: 240

Format: BoTM

I can’t really wrap my head around this one. This is a book that I really have no words. I just don’t know if I thought it was good or bad. There’s a lot of times this book really made me uncomfortable and cringe. There are times that I really liked how the main character, Edie, would put things from the past and present together. My issue is that she didn’t do anything with that realization. Were they using her the whole time for Akila? I was just baffled at times!

That’s all for today. Have you read any of these? I feel like everyone has read RWARB and loved it. I’ve been in the minority with a lot of books lately.

4 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Red, White & Royal Blue, & Luster

  1. Two wonderful reviews!!! For me Red, White & Royal Blue was just an ok book, which makes me the odd one out since everyone else LOVED it.

    And I just finished LUSTER a couple days ago, and wowzer what a book. I can’t say I loved it, but it was oddly fascinating. Although I couldn’t connect with any of the characters, it’s still a book that stands out from the crowd.

    ~ Corina | The Brown Eyed Bookworm

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    • Oh gosh!!! Thank you!! Everyone loved this book and I felt so left out…now I’m not alone!! haha.

      Yeah, I’m still not sure what to make of Luster. It was very different and interesting but yeah.. I could not connect to the characters at all. It was such a crazy ride!


  2. I completely relate to how you feel about RW&RB. I read it in the heat of all the hype and well, mine was definitely an unpopular opinion. I found Alex too much and I honestly wished we got to see Henry’s perspective as well. I also loved the side characters more, too! Great reviews 🙂

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    • Yessss!!! It was like Alex was trying WAY too hard and it was just obnoxious! I really wished for more of Henry’s POV too. I’m so sad that I can’t join in on the love but I’m so glad I’m not alone!! 🙂


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