T.T.T. Questions for George R.R. Martin

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week there is a new topic for bloggers to choose and list their top ten. This week is the Top Ten Questions I Would Ask My Favorite Authors (Living or dead. You can post 10 questions for one author, one question each for 10 different authors, or anything else!)

You know what…. this might be obnoxious but I’m going to make this sweet and simple. It’s going to be about one author and one only… GEORGE R.R. MARTIN.

  • Why have you worked on a million other projects over the years and disregarded finishing the Game of Thrones series?
  • Do you know how to end Game of Thrones?
  • Are you scared to finish now that a lot of people disliked the ending of the show?
  • Will there be a different ending than the show? No offense sir, but I am not interested, if the ending is the same. There are several characters that end up completely different. The whole series they have certain values that are carelessly thrown away in one ending.
  • There will be two more books. There has been about 12 different years that the next book would be “published” and has not. Is this your doing or your publisher? Are you even close?
  • Are the direwolves really pointless? Why make such a big deal of them to all be killed off and not important to the story. Most importantly, please tell me that Nymeria makes a come back with her own army of direwolves??
  • Do you have a back up plan, in case of your untimely death?
  • Have you really been working on Winds of Winter during quarantine?
  • Did you like what the show did with your baby? Be honest.
  • Do you honestly think that Bran was the best option to be King? Yes? Wrong answer.

I know, this may seem really obnoxious but guys… I’m so tired of him releasing all these graphic novels and side stories. Please sir, FINISH your series that was started in 1996!!!! Lol.

33 thoughts on “T.T.T. Questions for George R.R. Martin

    • Yes!!!! I was so disappointed because they were such a big deal in the beginning.. This never happens and blah blah blah.. then nada! I am so disappointed that we just see Nymeria and she doesn’t even come back! I don’t believe such a strong bond could be broken so easily. I’m ranting. lol


  1. LMAO I love this! I can feel the frustration and honestly, waiting for Patrick Rothfuss to also release the last book in his series is having me feel the same way 😂 Great questions! I would so love to read/hear his answers 🤣

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    • Oh yes! I have not and will not pick up that book because I’ve heard similar frustrations from his series!! What’s wrong with these men?!?! I know, I should tag him like 100 times on this and maybe he would see it. HAHA


  2. Tee hee!! I’m loving these questions. Bran was definitely NOT the right choice for king and you’re so right about the wolves and how values changed to suit the ending they wanted. I always wondered if he was pissed with the way the network butchered his work. That ending was… you already know.

    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post.

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    • Haha, thank you! I would really like to know his honest opinions about that. Agreed, they butchered his work so they could go onto bigger and better things- the producers. HBO wanted it to go several more seasons and they should have. It’s just so disappointing!! All the theories and none of it came to anything!

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  3. Oh my goodness, I am so with you! No one wants to read the history of the world from centuries ago .. finish the series! I mean he had to have known that he would get more fans or current fans would grow more impatient because of the show’s popularity!

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  4. Ooh I love that this is GRRM- focused! I also wonder if he knows how’s it going to end- I suspect he knows the very end, maybe the last page or chapter haha, but I think how he gets there might be a mystery yet. I don’t envy him, honestly, it’s so sprawling now and the pressure must be enormous! Still, it’s been forever! Give us a partial book even. 🙂

    Same here with the direwolves. I really need to see Nymeria come back…

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    • Yep! I totally agree. I think he knows the last page or chapter but doesn’t know the journey to get there. Yes, it got WAY too big for him and I think he’s just buckling under the pressure. If I were him, I would have desperately tried to finish it before the show ended. It would have helped anyways.

      He has mentioned that it would be different but I didn’t know if it was just a way to get people to read the books. I’m hoping it’s a
      vastly different ending. lol


      • Same here. I can’t believe he didn’t put the full court press on to at least deliver Winds of Winter before the show ended. And his publisher must be freaking! I’m actually surprised he hasn’t released The Winds of Winter Part 1 or something- assuming he actually HAS a lot of it written. I sometimes wonder!!!

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        • Exactly!!! He’s done a TON of graphic novels and spin off novels for GoT. I really want to know how much he actually has finished. I mean… book 5 was kind of a bummer because it was the same time line with different characters. I should have known then that we were in trouble.


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